Soft skills formula for smarter recruitment

Focus on effective soft skills

Focus on effective soft skills


Within the ever-evolving hiring landscape, the role of assessing hard skills has been paramount.

Within the ever-evolving hiring landscape, the role of assessing hard skills has been paramount. However, in this changed scenario where the corporates are becoming increasingly competitive, the hiring strategies are actively delving beyond the peripherals of technical capabilities. A research conducted by Harvard University in conjunction with Carnegie Foundation and Stanford research centre, revealed that 85% of job success comes from well-developed soft skills.

Backed by communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, creativity, and other capacities, Soft Skills are proactively becoming indispensable as they push organisations toward innovation and growth. As organisations move ahead within the changing approach of hiring, implementing a robust soft skills formula is the first step towards adopting a highly effective hiring strategy.

Cracking the Code to Assess Soft Skills

Leveraging Expert Hacks, organisations can tap into the soft skills of the candidate, paving the way for smart hiring decisions. At the forefront of the soft skills formula, the power of role-specific questions is formidable.

Adding more to the idea of smart hacks for soft skills assessment, is the significant role played by behavioural questions, making them an invaluable asset. In tandem with this, 75% of employers use behavioural questions, making them one of the best ways to infer a candidate’s psychology. Even global giants like JPMorgan Chase have leveraged behavioural questions to evaluate how candidates have demonstrated qualities like leadership, adaptability, and collaboration in previous roles.

Mastering the Art of Building Glorified Company Presence It’s obvious that people will want to be a part of a company with a good reputation, while others will struggle to fill their positions.

By creating a positive employer brand, which capitalises on being transparent about the values, mission, culture, and work environment to both future and current employees, organisations can be in the limelight to attract potential candidates. In fact, a recent survey demonstrated that 84% of job seekers value the reputation of both the company and the employer.

Additionally, creating a positive presence isn’t merely about remodelling the current strategies, but also entails promoting what matters the most.

Having said that, work-life balance promotion is critical for fostering a healthy and productive atmosphere, given that 72% of workers consider work-life balance to be an important factor when choosing a job. Poor work-life balance not only hampers morale and motivation negatively, but is a dealbreaker for 57% of job seekers.

Smart Hacks to Engage and Attract Young Talent

In the current recruitment scenario, organisations have the daunting task of appealing to Gen Z and the millennial generation of talent, which has necessitated the need to befriend social media. A study by Aberdeen Group showcased that 73% of job seekers between the age of 18 and 34 found their last job through social media, making social networking a vital tool for reaching and engaging young talent.

Apart from building an active presence on social media channels to effectively recruit GenZ and other tech-savvy individuals, organisations need to offer internships to build long-term term-relationship with this age of digital natives, innovators, and trendsetters.

In fact, a recent study by Forage revealed that 47% of students prefer to spend some time working in a professional internship or career-specific work experience before they consider their long-term career goals.

Expert Hacks All The Way- From Soft Skills to Attracting Young Talent

Amidst the backdrop of the hiring ecosystem, businesses have realised the hacking imperative to thrive in this ever-evolving recruitment world. By going beyond mere technical skills which only demonstrate an applicant’s knowledge, the advent of soft skills penetrates deep into determining their ability to interact with coworkers, clients, and the broader work environment. Aggressive organisational growth and success are only possible when businesses capitalise on the potential of smart recruiting to intricately transform hiring models.

(The author is Co-founder, Instahyre)

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