The Jagananna land protection scheme is totally a bogus one

The writer in his farm land at Ainambaakam in Nagari constituency in Chittoor district

The writer in his farm land at Ainambaakam in Nagari constituency in Chittoor district


Jagananna land protection scheme is completely a bogus

Jagananna land protection scheme is completely a bogus. I came to this conclusion after examining patta (land title) passbook and the stones planted by surveyors in my own agricultural land at my native village, Ainambaakam, Nagari constituency of Chittoor district on Friday.

Patta passbooks are being distributed to all farmers on which Jagan Mohan Reddy photo is printed with a title of ‘Jagananna land protection scheme patta passbook.” This book is not useful to locate the perimeter of the land. Even according to the guidelines of revenue officials, the document showing the right on land, this patta passbook need not be presented either at the time of taking loan from banks or at the time of registration of land. That means this is a bogus document and will not serve any purpose at all. This paper is not even useful as a tissue paper. But YSRCP government has spent hundreds of crores of rupees to print them with Jagan Mohan Reddy’s photo.

The patta passbooks distributed in the regimes of Congress and TDP were more useful. Those books contain more valuable information. There are many rights included. With those patta passbooks, farmers can get bank loans. But with the patta passbooks issued by the Jagan government, farmers will get mere photos of him only. Other than this, farmer will not get anything. They will not get loans as well. They will not get rights on land. Farmers can keep these as just souvenirs. Apart from this, the government has re surveyed land. By this re-survey, several problems erupted. Several problems are arising from this joint patta passbooks at field level.

The government is spending thousands of crores of rupees and planting boundaries with certain symbols. These steps are creating many fresh disputes among farmers community. Many patta passbooks are being given to farmers with several mistakes under land protection scheme. In the same manner, former chief Minister of Telangana also issued patta passbooks. In those books, either rights of consumers or rights of farmers who enjoyed are not traced. Because of this, the land enjoyed by persons is being swallowed by landlords. This hasty and unilateral unwise decision of KCR has badly affected the farmers. In the same way, this so-called land protection scheme will be badly hit. There is no use to farmers from this resurvey. Only that the farmers can witness are stones planted by surveyors. The patta passbook and planted stones will be just like stone plaque. Altogether, these lands will ultimately appear as graveyards. The resurvey of lands and issue of new patta passbooks is going to defeat Jagan Mohan Reddy in forthcoming elections.

Because of the re-survey, quarrels erupted among the peasantry. The Jagananna land protection scheme is creating a lot of problems among the neighbour farmers. Though the resurvey of the land has been started prestigiously, it has created lot of problems at field level. Though the land is being enjoyed for many generations, because of this resurvey, it will go into clutches of landlords. Farmers are not going to digest this. Drones were said to be used to survey the lands in order to get actuality.

But, the Jagan Mohan Reddy government is using ortho-rectified image equipment for resurvey. By this equipment, accurate measurements of fields are not happening. With this re-survey, many border problems are also arising. These quarrels are leading to physical clashes as well. Above all, farmers are not cooperating with resurvey. Farmers are dissatisfied with the government.

Though at the field level, VROs are supposed to cooperate, but they are behaving as mere spectators. Against this background, the government has created a group for re-survey consisting of Deputy Tahsildar, and mandal surveyor.

This group is supposed to be active in settling the disputes but, while the secretariat level survey Is going on, this group is very non-cooperative. Because of this, the surveyors of secretariat are facing many problems. For joint lands, Form B1 is not being issued in villages where re-survey is being done. In the absence of Form B1, farmers are not getting loans through banks. This is a vital issue. Though the government knows this issue, it is silent and not bent upon solving this problem.

Farmers also do not have a clear understanding of this issue. There is also criticism that the secretariat surveyors have huge workload and do not have adequate time to reach accuracy in land measurements. Hence, the government should take appropriate steps to solve these issues in order to give relief to farmers whose minds are agitating on this vital issue. Patta passbook is permanent but whereas Chief Ministers are not permanent.

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