5 non-coding tech jobs

5 non-coding tech jobs

Analysts, architects and management professionals with relevant skills and expertise in the latest technology can earn up to Rs 35 lakh a year

There was a time when individuals had limited opportunities when it came to employment. Traditional jobs like engineering and medicine were considered the 'safe choices'.

If one was more adventurous, one could perhaps think of a career in law, but that was the end of it. Fortunately, there has been a drastic change since then. Opportunities have opened up, and the prospect of employment is not solely determined by educational background.

This, coupled with the surge in certification courses online, has widened the opportunities for available work. The pandemic seemed to be an essential trigger in spurring this change, especially in the Indian market.

Most companies are now moving towards digitisation, and new opportunities have sprung up in the IT sector. These jobs do not necessarily require a degree in engineering or specialisation in coding. Instead, applicants can enter the field after completing certification courses and acquiring the desired expertise.

IoT Architect

With the increased emphasis on digitisation, the IT industry is all set to witness a future boom, especially regarding employment generation. IoT architects are a kind of software architect specialised in IoT companies who hire IoT architects to develop and implement robust IoT solutions.

Their task includes building a secure IoT system network and ensuring its smooth functioning. They must have a solid technical base and be familiar with networking concepts.

Although it does not require any specific qualification, the applicant should have a certification in the domain of interest (related to IT) or experience working in the field. The salary offered to a skilled employee is approximately ₹19 lakhs per annum.

Software architect

A software architect helps companies design software programmes, provides technical leadership and is responsible for prioritising, designing, and releasing platform features. The participant needs technical knowledge, certification, and people management skills.

A qualifying degree in computer science or engineering may be helpful in landing first jobs in the field. Familiarity with computer programs is a bonus and may improve the chances of employment. Besides, certification in any of the programs may be availed online. A skilled architect is offered an annual remuneration of approximately ₹22 lakhs per annum.

Business intelligence analyst

Companies are increasingly relying on Big Data to take vital business decisions. Business analysts are crucial in helping companies comprehend data, formulate strategies and bridge the gap between the business and technical teams. They can help companies identify deficits in functioning, detect and map out trends, predict problems, formulate solutions, and identify and meet consumer needs.

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