Benefits of summer activities to keep younger minds active

Benefits of summer activities to keep younger minds active

Benefits of summer activities to keep younger minds active


After spending an entire year of being confined into their rooms with their eyes fixated on their electronic devices, and trying to grapple with the...

After spending an entire year of being confined into their rooms with their eyes fixated on their electronic devices, and trying to grapple with the new normal being inflicted upon them due to the pandemic, children are ready to openly welcome a warm sense of respite into their lives during their summer vacation. Every child is hopeful to cherish each and every minute of it, by engaging in fun-loving activities that takes away the dreadful feeling of boredom.

A summer camp is an ideal place for young children to bask in their creativity by indulging in a wide range of activities, that unearth their hidden talents. As they embark on this delightful journey, they open a world full of creative possibilities that give them an opportunity to participate in activities that they truly enjoy, along with providing them with a creative purpose.

In order for a child to live up to their fullest potential, it is essential that he/she indulges into different activities outside the realm of their comfort zones, that mould their personalities and contribute to their holistic development. Instead of merely focusing on textbook-based academic knowledge that reinforces a monotonous routine, encouraging children to participate in stimulating activities brings out the best in them.

As they tread towards unfamiliar settings, they are exposed to different experiences that play a vital role in their formative years.

They are given a taste of life at an early age, that open their minds to a diverse set of enriching experiences that nurture their personalities and provide them with an outlet for creative expression.

By participating in different activities that cater to their personal inclinations, they are given the opportunity to express themselves through creative means, as they learn to convey their thoughts and ideas in a healthy environment.

Every child is unique in their own individual way and the very purpose of a summer camp is to celebrate their uniqueness, by giving them a platform to hone their creative abilities.

As they begin to thrive in a challenging yet fulfiling environment, they continue to build a strong foundation for a better future ahead. This reflects in different areas of their lives ,that contributes to the growth of their cognitive development along with their physical well-being.

Every summer camp has a riveting experience in store for young enthusiastic minds, that endows them with the liberty to explore diverse interests and passions.

As parents encourage their children to discard their inner inhibitions and fully immerse themselves into the pursuit of seeking their true identity, they grow into highly intuitive individuals who openly embrace every challenge that comes their way.

Many eduational institutions like Furtados School of Music (FSM) make an initiative to sow the seeds of creativity and imagination among young impressionable minds by organizing their own summer camp. They continue to bridge the gap between learning and creativity through a system that encourages spontaneity and creative freedom.

As children absorb new learnings and experiences, they also learn to connect with their peers at a broader level that enables them to break through the boundaries of self-conciousness that limit their experiences. A summer camp is not only limited to recreational activities, but also gives every child a glimpse of real-life experiences. Learning takes place at various levels that adds a touch of creative spark to their vibrant personalities.

As they continue to indulge into a broad spectrum of activities, children gain the confidence to pursue their aspirations and grow into intuitive adults with a refined outlook towards life. They leave the camp with a stronger sense of identity and an highly impactful personality.

The author is a Co-Founder and Co- CEO at Furtados School Of Music

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