Conscious business chasms

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As we explore business ethics or fundamentals, it’s very essential to know the grammar of business in every sense of the term.

As we explore business ethics or fundamentals, it's very essential to know the grammar of business in every sense of the term. In order to be fully charged, we have to understand the fundamentals of a fully grounded business operational and covering the various strata of audiences.

As a conglomerate, small or big enterprise starts building a store brand, it creates a solid positioning in the mind of the customer through mind mapping or creating a powerful brand image through a story depicting the journey fraught mainly with challenges before it reaches a plateau. Most of the established entities pronounce the connotation of best conscious practices which say fail fast or win big? The ball is in our court to depict this message which has a lot of wisdom to incorporate the right practices which are in complete sync with the plane of consciousness.

Power of we fortifies the philosophy of a collective collyrium of audiences where all are equal and enjoy equal privileges. Legacies of giants are often thought of as they are benchmarked, accepted and fine-tuned for better results in an evolving economy. As you recreate and rebuild your story by the day, people emulate and think about it with a newfound thought every day. It takes time to sail through the foundational stage, mature and stabilize which is a wholesome conscious process, which therein becomes exciting and scintillating the minds of the audience. Let's not forget the adage that we use the tree to experience the shade, which was planted by someone. Success comes to those who least expect it. The power of ideas, qualitative thinking, exchanging thoughts or perspective gives rise to the most innovative ones. Business success comes to those with a heart in their business and not the other way. Let's accept change and explore new pathways. We are just our work and only work, our actions and only actions. Our income reflects our innate philosophy and not as propounded by the entity or organization or economy at large.

Criticism is bound to be there for those who benchmark and are constantly on the move to attain greater heights, as rhetoric or distraction by those who want to take a jab at you.

If you don't build your dreams, others will build theirs. Whether we make a living by what we give or get is in our making. Character speaks volumes; skills have to be toned to upscale and survive in a competitive market. What are the constructive business fundamentals to follow through? To achieve a business thrust on factors of sustenance, trust, measurable and acceptable by its key constituents will be a hallmark.

A continuous learning platform divulging in sharing and a collaborative approach towards attaining its peak potential with a sense of empathetic understanding and respect will go a long way. Focus on the conscious fundamentals without entertaining any distractions will go a long way. Being open-ended rather than a close-ended approach will work wonders. Incorporating a new hack, hustle, and approach will get better. Good persistent questioning with cross-sectional thoughts alongside practicing the gratitude quotient will make one better.

If we want to maximize our opportunities by making them greater, with fewer threats, let's accept newcomers with their newfound thought, differentiator, innovations, making a path pristine with a consolidated model with both opportunities and fewer threats. Let's know our marketing industry mix better by incorporating the 4 P's or C's of Marketing, Social Marketing, brand personality dimensions, product life cycle management, e-commerce cloud strategies for growth, value creation models for SMEs, pricing, service process mapping, using balanced scorecards.

A blue ocean exists when there is potential for higher profits, as there is competition, deeper potential in an unexplored market space that is vast, deep, and powerful. Formulated across alternative industries, strategic groups, explores buyer groups, and service offerings, with the principle of zero competition in an existing highly competitive market, creating space with a hundred percent monopoly. To exemplify the huge entertainment industry which provides entertainment and the purpose of this industry is just not entertainment but let's one relax, rewind, de-stress, experience and have fun. The substitutes for this industry are CDs, TV, stage shows, etc. But the alternatives to this industry include leisure activities be it mall visits, library services, hobbies all of which serve the same purpose. Thus, by focusing on the key factors that lead buyers to trade across alternative industries and by eliminating or reducing everything else, you can create a blue ocean of new market space. Oyo is an evident case of the blue ocean because, in comparison to either the existing star hotels or non-star hotels, it has chosen to differentiate by eliminating some existing features and creating a few new features. Traditionally companies focus on out serving the competition but blue ocean advocates differentiation through elimination, reduction, raising and creating.

Red ocean strategy explores and aligns the system with a strategic choice of key differentiators or low costing. The Purple Ocean Strategy (POS) pushes entities to serve disruptive ideas, develop competitive strategies, and understand the change in seasons. By capturing and shifting the demand to new social-driven market spaces, the green ocean strategy allows companies to turn their proactiveness into long-term competitiveness and sustainably.

At the end of the process, we realize that people will forget what you conveyed or extended as a service but would remember you for the distinct feeling of making them feel. Let's get more humane and connected in our endeavor to create an economy based on a humanistic feel, connect and care for one another.

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