Education system demand creative minds for future growth

Education system demand creative minds for future growth

Education system demand creative minds for future growth


Creativity in the education system is important as it gives the learner the opportunity to adapt and understand the value of various components of life from a younger age.

Creativity in the education system is important as it gives the learner the opportunity to adapt and understand the value of various components of life from a younger age. Creating new works, learning about existing information, making decisions on small aspects are the need of the hour for future growth. Creativity is a form of divergent thinking that looks at problem solving through the lens of multiple possible solutions.

A boost to creative minds

Creativity is a concept that is widely accepted and given hand to. As the education system engages in creative minds, they also demand creativity from students who do not wish to indulge in creativity, because being creative not only helps them physically or mentally but will also result in good future returns in their lives. Creativity is an inherent part of learning and extracurricular activities not only help boost creative mindset, it also allows the students to explore their inner talents on a larger platform without being faced by any biases.

As of 2018, 11% of students still do not participate in extracurricular activities. We often hear, the child does not take part in such activities because of the uncomfortable sitting be it economic instability or Sociocultural drawback. But one should know that being creative has a lot of benefits for the child's future growth.

Creativity in higher education

Education plays an important role as it helps us to excel in the future. It prepares us to face the challenges faced in the future jobs as the jobs in the future will emphasise more on creative thinking. India is one of the countries that strive to make the younger generation confident and wishes them to excel in various aspects, this is where the education system plays a vital role.

Art has always been able to express emotion at an extensive rate than words would. Visual art helps the child to express their emotions through creativity and grow emotionally. The performing art such as drama, music and dance take a broader part of our brain as these skills not only help us grow with confidence but also makes us respect, sympathize and build better relationships.

Creative minds for future growth

India was never able to cross the bridge of top 50's when innovation level was concerned, but for the first time India managed to cross this mark by placing themselves at 48th position as of 2020 on the Global Innovation Index (GII) that calculates success in Innovation. While India still ranks 99th on the Global Creativity Index (GCI) which is based on creativity, talent, tech and tolerance.

Scarcity of encouragement in creativity

Education system earlier was all about learning concepts without implementing them into the child's day to day lives. The systems were relying and normalizing rote learning among students which resulted in lack of creativity.

The education system faced a huge drawback because of students mugging up the concepts other than understanding them, so when these kids were asked to work and depend on creative thinking, they showed zero potential.

There is an esteemed need to develop new ways to nurture creativity, for that need to create an environment for curiosity and a way to encourage students and get the best out of them. Nurturing creativity among students' teachers play a vital role but there is an utmost urge of massively trained teachers in various ways to nurture creative thinking in the students.

Focus on desirous observation: Desirous observation of the world around has caused many important breakthroughs in every aspect. There is a need to teach students to be encouraged to observe deeply, to look beyond the obvious and come out with innovative and new ideas because strong observation skills are found to be greatly linked to greater creativity, originality and flexible thinking.

Ameliorate in Assessment Pattern: Assessment process needs to be made more scientific to encourage multiple skills of the students because the way we assess our students, the students will learn in that way. For that special training needs to be given to the teachers through workshops in setting examination questions which test out of box thinking and hence creativity.

Teaching beyond curriculum: need to arrange one lecture at least in a week that is entirely devoted to "teaching beyond curriculum". In this lecture, students are free to choose what they would like to do in one year or in one semester. This lecture may involve anything like writing poetry, news report, general articles, scientific fantasies etc.

( The author is a Associate Dean - Outreach & Operations The Design Village (TDV)

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