National Education Policy is best crafted policy

National Education Policy is best crafted policy

The NEP was the best of the best crafted education policy in the world. This is the time we move from developing nation to developed nation.

Hyderabad: The NEP was the best of the best crafted education policy in the world. This is the time we move from developing nation to developed nation. The students attending the conference should share the knowledge with their friends through social media. We want our students and faculty to rule the world, Dr Buddha Chandrasekhar, Chief Coordinating Officer of AICTE, Ministry of Education said while moderating the first panel session on the conference on NEP on Saturday.

He said it is all about building our character. We are creating a decision making system. Let other countries come to our country to learn from us. The beauty of NEP is that it is agile in nature. Let us create more innovators. The present drawback of our education system is that we forgot our basic roots. Apart from skills we have identified 30 emerging technologies, which can rule the world for 50 years. We want our students to learn and rule the world for 50 years. NEP is not only about building the future, it is building character also. We are seeing disturbing incidents in the last few in our country because there is a gap on character building in our education policy. We are trying to fulfil that gap.

Dr Srikanth Sinha CEO, TASK said, "In this era of knowledge where learning, skilling, up-skilling, research and innovation are important. The NEP will transfer India into an innovative knowledge hub and it is also filling the gaps in the education system. Even a B Com student should be aware of technology."

Answering to a question, Dr Sinha said there was need to identify the skills of students so that it will help them come up with creative and innovative ideas and soon after higher education the job seekers in the country will become job givers. He also felt that there was need to find a methodology to identify the job seekers and job givers so that necessary training in the skills required for them can be imparted.

Dr V Balakista Reddy Registrar of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad said, "India is going to play an important role in the education system across the world, with the NEP the students will get lots of opportunities. Today we are now living in a multidisciplinary time, lots of technologies are being utilised and innovations are being done in the law but the balance needs to be done when it comes to the law because justice hurried is a justice buried."

Dr Rama Shankar Yadav Assistant Professor HRM of Indian Institute of Management Rohtak said, students should be involved in discussions in classroom. NEP makes education skill oriented, outcome based, experiential, discussion based and flexible."

"NEP is empowering education to produce innovation, it is also meaningful learning, critical thinking, examination reforms including internships and employability.

Anju Sharma Principal of Phoenix Greens International said, "NEP has simplified the school education: early childhood education, learning in the formative years. The school students will also have multiple skills that will help them in the future."

The panelists of the first session also felt that the NEP is adaptive, learner cantered, technology oriented, personalised and customised.

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