Teachers vs students: A Tom and Jerry combo

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Since teachers get to be around so many unique kids of all ages, there is no doubt they have heard and seen some truly comedic things. On this Children’s Day, Young Hans has asked some teachers to share the funny incidents they have experienced during online classes.

One such instance was about the discussion of house-warming ceremony, arrangements and the people to be invited for the same. This created a wide uproar and a topic of laughter throughout the day when students kept asking the child whether they were invited. Also, pursue with their parents to send the invite to them. The conversation of the same was caught live and students had a hearty laugh at the same. Indeed, it was hilarious.

Rajalakshmi P S, Teacher, Orchids- The International School,Jubilee Hills

In my online English language class. The source of the interruption was one of my students who was apparently playing an online video game alongside the online lesson. He had probably forgotten to mute himself. In order to enjoy this sudden burst of energy in my superstar student, I gestured everyone discreetly to remain quiet. The verbal 'hitting' and 'kicking' continued for a while and we all had our share of laughs.

— Himani Mehta, TGT, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

There was a child, who was practicing her dialogue along with the parent who was trying to translate the same in Hindi, who got unmuted. The video of the child was on, and the parent was unaware of this. The moment it was heard by the children, all started laughing and when she was called out by the teacher to mute herself, the student and the parent realised, that the video and the mic were on, they excused themselves and left class immediately.

—Manisha Shelke, Teacher, Orchids - The International School, Jubilee Hills

During one of the 'Me and My World' sessions online, I was recapitulating the concept taught. I asked one of the students what helps fish breathe. The student thought for a while and then tried to enact breathing like a fish, with her mouth. This was very unexpected and all the students along with their parents started laughing.

—Alifiya Kalawadwala, Teacher, Jr KG, VIBGYOR High, Borivali

I was having some casual conversations with my 4-year-old children about "how are they going to spend their Diwali holidays?" and at the same time requested one of my students to switch on his camera, whilst others started replying with full excitement that they will have fun with their parents, go out to a mall, park, etc. all of sudden he switched on his camera and said ma'am "I will sleep" the innocence on his face has made everyone burst in laughter.

— Pratima, Principal, SMVM (Deeksha STEM), Bengaluru

Children were asked to dress up as their favourite cartoon characters. Children had come dressed up as various characters. One of the kids dressed up as a warrior. Each one of the kids expressed why they had dressed up as this particular character and what they believe Childrens' Day stood for. To which that kid wittily replied "I have dressed up as a warrior, because children are saviors of the world. To save the world we celebrate Children's Day.

— Iram Jaffer, haman Bhartiya School, Bengaluru

Once while delivering a lecture, a student accidentally got unmuted, and his words made me realise that as I was engrossed in explaining the topic. I realised that I had superseded the time by 10 minutes. He said, "Mumma lagta hai, aaj Sir lunch nahin karne denge, abhi class end nahin hua hai, kuch jyada hi learning ho rahi hai" (It seems Mumma, today, Sir, won't let me have my lunch. The class is not over yet. Too much learning is taking place).

—Dr Nalin Jha, Chief Manager Academic Delivery & Operations, Times Professional Learning

A common problem that we have been facing is network issues where our screen "freezes" and we become statues. One such day, I had a horrid internet connection and a student exclaimed, "Miss, you've frozen!" As I switched to the hotspot and had a slightly more stable connection, another student quips, "Miss, now you've defrosted!"

— Shreya Bhagattjee, Teacher, Jasudben ML School Khar, Mumbai

At times, during breakfast club, when Pictionary is played, we find kids coming up with the weirdest imaginative ideas possible. It starts with someone making a very unlikely guess about the hint and then other students build upon it and completely twist the whole idea into a funny one. For example, once a ukulele was drawn for the kids to guess and they ended up guessing a horse, a ladle and a lollipop, etc.

—Samadrita Majumdar, Teacher,Ekya School, Byrathi, Bengaluru

During my online session, one of the funniest incidents was while taking the class one child unmuted herself and said, 'Mam he is my pet dog and he also loves to attend your session' so can he sit next to me and attend the class. I replied, 'Yes dear sure but kindly get the admission done. Everyone in the class started laughing.

—Jain Pooja, Teacher, Always on Learning (AOL) School, Bangalore

The lovely incident which happened was during the 'Young Entrepreneurs Day. A child who had a Food stall, herself started to eat the food displayed without realising the camera was on.

— Radhiya Das, MSB Educational Institute, Pune

One incident which I vividly remember was when students had discovered the 'freeze extension' feature which they were using to freeze their videos to trick the teacher into thinking that they might be facing a network issue.

However, one day to avoid answering a question, a student just sat still facing the screen trying to imitate a frozen screen unaware of the fact that his fan was still on in the background. This incident was indeed extremely funny and will always be in our fond memories

— Jyothi K, Principal, The Samhita Academy, Bengaluru

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