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Ananya Kumar

Ananya Kumar


Ananya Kumar is a 20-year-old law student, studying to become a judge

Ananya Kumar is a 20-year-old law student, studying to become a judge. While her parents are very proud of her for dedicating her life to the law, the smart, bubbly and witty girl thinks that her qualities are better- suited to become an influencer and she's not entirely wrong.

The young Kumar has close to 28K followers on Trell, as she is an avid vlogger who talks about her life's many experiences. She is a storyteller who weaves anecdotes from her life, sprinkles it with passion and humour to advise people on what products they should use, places they should travel to, movies they should watch and many others.

Ananya shares, "I am extremely passionate about travel and food, which is what I usually make videos around but due to the coronavirus, I am dabbling into other lifestyle-related categories as well. When I joined Trell in 2017, I joined it just for fun. As I have always been a travel enthusiast, I began posting videos of my travels and reviewed food outlets that I came across. However, my content started getting a lot of appreciation from people and I remember hitting 10K followers organically. This is when I realisd that people like what I do and I started thinking about content creation seriously. I made a thank you video for all my followers too! Since then, I have been working hard to create content that will add value to someone else's life."

Her videos are raw and unfiltered, as she believes that people like you if they can see who you are instead of pretending to be someone you're not. Due to this spontaneity, she managed to get brand collaborations organically. Everteen, now one the brands that she has an active collaboration with, reached out to her by commenting on multiple posts by her about two months ago. Initially, she thought it was a prank. "I couldn't believe that a brand actually wanted to collaborate with me. I made them send an official email. When I realised this was legit, I was both shocked and ecstatic!"

Soon after Everteen collaborated with her, she was approached by Herbal Essence. In the last couple of months, these brands have been working with her, helping her earn around Rs 20,000 every month. While she would wish to earn more through her posts, she is happy that she managed to enter the league of endorsements.

Sharing about how she handles trolling, She says, "I just don't take them seriously at all. Someone is probably having a bad day and so I just let them be."

Her brand collaborations and increasing monthly income has also helped her convince her parents about the financial validity of content creation. She wants to prove to them that she can earn and be happy with her job at the same time, if she is allowed to follow her passion.

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