Mamata Banerjee - 5 January 1955, time: 11.46 am, Place of birth

Mamata Banerjee Horoscope 2021

Mamata Banerjee Horoscope 2021


Mamata Banerjee Horoscope 2021 for astrology research, biography, Date of Birth, Place of birth

Mamata Banerjee Horoscope 2021: Birth star- Kritika 3rd charan. Moon sign Taurus. Ascendant Pisces. The lagna lord Jupiter occupied 5th house in exalted position. Simultaneously, Jupiter and Lagna both are having virgotthamas. Hence, native's lagna will be very strong. Lagna tells about courage, determination, longevity and name and fame. Native will be very courageous, sincere and honest and will take very bold steps. She will lead simple life. Here 2nd and 9th lord Mars occupied in 12th house. Hence, she came from a poor family. Due to hard work, she became the Chief Minister of West Bengal twice.

Moon is a karaka for mind. Moon occupied in exalted position. Hence, she will be highly intelligent lady. 10th house occupied by 6th lord Sun, 7th and 10th lord Mercury and Rahu. So, she will be a processional politician. The native will be fickle minded. She will not maintain good relations with politicians and she will frequently change her decisions. Due to this reason, leaders of her own party will be against her and some will quit the party. She will have more longevity.

From 09.09.2007 to 09.09.2026, the native will run Saturn major period. For Pisces ascendant, 11th and 12th lord occupied in exalted position. From moon sign, Saturn is a yogakaraka planet because he is 9th and 10th lord. Hence, during this Saturn period, she became CM twice for West Bengal.

From 21.04.2021 to 27.02.2024, native will run Saturn major period by Rahu sub period. Here, Rahu occupied in 10th house. During this period, she will get excellent developments. For 2021 Assembly elections, she will have tough fight with the BJP. With a thin majority, her party will win the Assembly elections and she will become the CM for the third time.

From moon sign, till 30th April 2022, Rahu will occupy Taurus. Hence, she should be very careful about her health. While moving anywhere in India or abroad, she should take more security. Because whenever Rahu will occupy in janma rasi, it is called janma rahu. Janma rahu will always create dangerous things only. Unexpected things will happen to the native. She should be very careful about accidents.

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