Chinese boat in Indian waters

Chinese boat in Indian waters

Concern raised about naval base espionage in Karwar

Kumta: A Chinese vessel was found within the territorial waters of India, leading to swift responses from both the Coast Guard and local law enforcement. The boat was identified far out at sea close to Kumta, giving rise to concerns about potential espionage targeting the Karwar Seabird naval base.

An extensive investigation is underway, jointly led by the Coast Guard and Coastal Police Force, initiated based on information provided by local fishermen who spotted the Chinese boat near Kumta.

Inspector Victor Simon of the Coastal Police Force stationed at Honnavara is at the forefront of the investigation. A dedicated team of Coastal Police, under Inspector Victor Simon’s leadership, is gathering information from fishermen.

Valuable evidence to the ongoing investigation was obtained from a video footage. Sibandi, a fishing vessel leaving from Kumta provided the video footage which came handy in the investigation.

According to initial reports, the vessel has been identified under the name ‘Fu Yuan Yu 676’ and registered in China’s Fuzhou port. The video footage reveals two Chinese flags planted on the front of the boat. The boat is also expected to be carrying a crew of 25. Given the gravity of the situation and the potential implications of espionage, the Coast Guard stands ready to ensure the security of Indian maritime interests.

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