Protest Erupts Following Teacher's Alleged Insults on Lord Ram

Protest Erupts Following Teachers Alleged Insults on Lord Ram

MLAs, Pro-Hindu Organisations and Parents Demand Accountability

Mangaluru: In a recent development in Mangaluru, parents of students studying in St. Gerosa English School as well as members of pro-Hindu organisations staged a protest seeking accountability for a teacher's derogatory remarks about Lord Ram and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The incident, which transpired on February 8 during a class discussing the theme of 'Work is Worship,' saw teacher Prabha allegedly using inappropriate language against Lord Sri Ram and the Prime Minister while interacting with seventh-grade students. A concerned parent promptly registered an FIR at the Mangalore South Police Station, urging swift action against the accused teacher.

The protest, primarily orchestrated by parents of St. Gerosa English School students and members of pro-Hindu outfits unfolded in front of the school premises and the Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) office in Mangaluru. The demonstrators, expressing their discontent with the school management's handling of the situation, sought redress for the perceived insult to revered figures.

A protest held on Saturday was halted with promises of impending action against the teacher. The outcry continued on Monday, prompting heightened security measures at the school and DDPI office.

Elected representatives, including MLAs Bharat Shetty and Vedavyas Kamath, added their voices to the chorus, advocating for the immediate suspension of the teacher involved. Bharat Shetty emphasised the potential for widespread protests within the city if decisive action was not taken against the accused educator.

The controversy has not only sparked emotional reactions but has also taken a legal turn, with an official complaint lodged at the Mangaluru South Police Station. The complainants allege that the teacher's actions were aimed at sowing seeds of religious discord among the children, potentially leading to conversions away from Hinduism.

This incident raises important questions about the boundaries of freedom of expression within an educational setting and the delicate balance required to respect diverse religious sentiments. It also underscores the need for swift and impartial investigation to address concerns about the potential impact on students' beliefs and communal harmony. (eom)

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