Being a brand disruptor

Being a brand disruptor

Being a brand disruptor


In an age of disruption, only a few thrive while the rest are exploring possible pathways to adopt the right strategy to disrupt by being successful

In an age of disruption, only a few thrive while the rest are exploring possible pathways to adopt the right strategy to disrupt by being successful. In a competitive world, a brand is a powerful force to reckon with for the intrinsic messaging and disruptive approach in winning in what seems like a seemingly saturated market by moving way ahead of the growth trajectory curve. It surely is a win-win when the key stakeholders - the customers are delighted with the brand.

Ingredients to be Disruptive

• Adopting Disruptive Branding

• Brand Management & Identity

• Understanding Disruption

• Focusing on the message

• Engaging passionate people

• Offering in-house brand experience

• Customer Relationship Management

• Winning in fast changing scenarios

Brand Disruption for a business entity is a pinnacle of futuristic growth. Disruption is a growth trajectory for any organization as it stands unparalleled in the market value parameter both brand and company specific beating competition. Disruptive branding is set apart. Whether it's the intrinsic idea of the company, messaging or meeting the customers needs, it's an offering that the brand aspires to. With constant experimentation to meet the diverse market segment, it keeps evolving with changed perceptions and time.

Brand disruption is a testimony to the changing needs of the consumer where a brand adapts itself to meet that need. It thrives on innovation addressing divergent markets fuelled with creativity. Unless a brand is rooted serving the present needs of aspiring customers, it cannot disrupt. Not every brand can emerge to be a disruptive or successful brand. It wholly depends on the market conditions, and the response of the disruptive idea by the segmented targeted audience.

The reality of the audience in a market has to be evaluated. With changes brought to the market by brand disruption and how the new market, in turn, affects business and customers is a challenge. Good user experience has an element of storytelling segment with an emotional connection to the audiences. Some of the brands have gained runaway success with the concept of storytelling and emotional connect. With constant change there is a unique value proposition of value built. Being a disruptor is market specific looking at the variants of profitability. Customer experience is the ultimate to experience, and disruptive brands focus on this largely by playing a huge role in making this happen.

Disruptive brands exist in every industry. Developing a unique brand by optimizing opportunities with new ideas opens up vistas to disrupt. Technology driven, brands have to connect emotionally well, have an appealing factor, unique proposition and selling point and be a major hit amongst the customers.

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