National Anti-Pollution Day 2020: 3 Startups fighting pollution in India

National Anti-Pollution Day 2020

National Anti-Pollution Day 2020


Climate change is having an alarming impact on our environment and our lives; we need to act more than words to save our only planet.

National Pollution Day is used to celebrate by many people to give them proper knowledge about the effects and problems of pollution across the World on December 2.

Nowadays air pollution has become a severe problem, not only in Delhi but also in other Indian cities also where the air quality has been worsening and has crossed the safety levels on the back of rapid urbanisation. In recent times, many startups are doing their bit to fight air pollution.

3 Startups fighting air pollution in India

Jugaad/ DIY Air Purifiers

In 2013, Thomas Talhelm developed for the China market, and Smart Air is a social enterprise built around the ethos of frugal innovation. With its do-it-yourself (DIY) kit, it disrupts the air purifier space in the country. It costs around Rs 3,500; it costs almost half of most branded air purifiers that are available in the Indian market.


Nanoclean, a Delhi-based startup that entered the market in 2017 with 'Nasofilter', a kind of nasal filter that comes only Rs 10. The company launched AC filters now that can turn any AC into an air purifier, costing only Rs 399. Nanoclean was found by Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas, and Jatin Kewlani, IIT Delhi alumni. In the same year, it won the 'Startup National Award' conferred by the Indian President.

Nasofilter was, developed using nanotechnology, which ensures there is a minimal pressure drop while breathing and enables easy breathing with the respiratory mask.

Air Purifying Helmet

Shellios, a Delhi-based startup, provides a biker-friendly solution to beat air pollution. The company designed a helmet with an in-built air purifier. The helmet has a Bluetooth-enabled app that let the rider know when the helmet needs cleaning. It comes with an air purifier behind and gathers all smoke from outside. The purifier cleans the air that enters so that the biker can breathe fresh and clean air. The cleaning unit itself is battery-operated and carries a 2600 mAh unit that can be charged via a micro-USB port on the helmet. The helmet meets all the government standards and weighs around 1.6 kg.

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