Slay your floral dress this summer

Slay your floral dress this summer

Slay your floral dress this summer


Floral prints and summer season are synonymous to each other. Floral fashion is never out of trend even for high-end designers

Florals keep topping the trends chart and even this year, floral print dresses have outdone themselves by ranking topwards among fashion trends.

Designers offer their summer collection almost every year inspired by abstract or realistic florals but one thing remains common and that is their love for seasonal floral print dresses in various designs.

Even simple floral patterns are being keenly eyed by fashionistas. Here are three best floral dress outfit ideas coming for your rescue

Red floral dress outfit

This is romance at its best. Floral fashion can be elegant and playful at the same time. The red floral print short dress outfit is a very general term to describe perfect floral clothes but it is that versatile.

The design can be anything from multi-coloured to single coloured, bright or neutral pallet, or even a simple floral pattern. But it will make an extremely loved dress with flowers, till the time the fabric is of good quality.

Natural fabrics like cotton are more favourable in summer than polyester. These fabrics are breathable and dry easily in case of excessive sweating in contrast to synthetic cloths. They'll serve as great material for your floral print clothes.

Clutches, shoes and scarfs can be matched to give a complete touch to your outfit. Long floral shrugs are always go-to add-ons for a fresh and breezy look.

Pink and white dress outfit- strawberry kiss!

You can look different if you choose unique and bright accessories for dresses. For summer purposes, choose light jewellery and avoid heavy ornamentation such as beads or metal pieces as these might cause skin irritation due to sweating.

If possible, wear minimum jewellery such as light earrings over your floral print dresses, as they do not touch the skin much as compared to rings, bracelets or necklaces.

If you do not like to wear simple white floral dress, the pink sand white dress in long dress styles will steal your heart. You could later try a more patterned look by adding a soft shrug featuring a simple floral pattern to grace your attire.

Go for contrast shades shoes or heels to pair up with the light pattern, for example, you can try pairing your white floral dress with tan shoes to give a defined outline to the whole outfit.

Blue floral outfit

The best thing about blue floral print dresses is that you can straightaway transform as well as upgrade your style with a single dress piece. If you are confused about how to choose accessories for dresses, then don't be. Your flowery dresses will make you look like a dream.

Keep a scarf or if you want to punch up the floral appeal, choose long floral shrugs instead and these can prove to be beneficial on a hot summer day and add a rich look to any flower print dress.

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