Styling your jewels effortlessly

Styling your jewels effortlessly

Styling your jewels effortlessly


Every woman is likely to have jam-packed jewellery boxes with variety of jewellery passionately collected through the years. But every time you open...

Every woman is likely to have jam-packed jewellery boxes with variety of jewellery passionately collected through the years. But every time you open your box full of magic, you are as confused as you're thrilled by it.

Every piece seems to either to go with your outfit or none of them does while every jewellery piece is stunning. And in a hurry, you again go with your favourite jewellery that you have been carrying every other day.

Create layers with rings, necklaces and bangles

Experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures and colours to make appealing layers with rings, necklaces, bangles and even in some cases earrings. If you're layering necklaces then go for different lengths to draw the eye up to your face.

Different shapes, colours and textures will often work a treat. For bangles and bracelets you can pretty much create an arm party of different pieces which will flash and jangle as you move. Rings can be mixed, matched and stacked in all sorts of interesting combinations.

Carefully consider your earrings

Don't you find it can be all too easy to forget about your earrings? However, your earrings are usually in the field of vision for anyone who is talking to you, so they are important.

You should aim to choose earrings to frame your face and complement your hair, eye colour and skin tone. If you have long hair a great tip is to select a colour or metal finish which is more likely to be visible, depending on your hair colour.

Don't forget to actually change your earrings

It can be so easy to wear the same pair of earrings for days or weeks on end. Or maybe you almost never change them. But remembering to change up your earrings is a great way to add interest and style to your look day to day.

It's also a great opportunity to give your favourite pair of earrings a good clean You can make changes to your earrings subtly and simply by wearing a variety of small stud earrings day to day. Or you can add some sparkle and movement with some dangle earrings, depending on your outfit.

Experiment with the sin of mixing metals

There's no need to stick to all sterling silver jewellery or all gold jewellery. Think about pendants which contrast with the colour of chain they are attached to, rings that combine different metal colours or layered necklaces or bangles in different metals to add vibrant interest and colour to your outfit.

Work out how to accessorise to complement your clothing while dressing

Before you start dressing have a think about what you most want to wear to wherever you're going. You might decide you really want to wear a specific piece of jewellery to an outing; in which case you should choose your clothing and other accessories to work with it.

Otherwise, you might pick the outfit first and then match the jewellery and accessories to it. Either way works and if you've spent some time getting the combination right you should look stylish and well put together.

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