Wishful Wednesday: Wishful Thinking & Why it Happens...

Wishful Wednesday: Wishful Thinking & Why it Happens...

Did you all know that wishful thinking has do' s and dont's? Wishful thinking is usually an outgrowth of fear. People don't resort to Wishful thinking because it works.

Did you all know that wishful thinking has do' s and dont's? Wishful thinking is usually an outgrowth of fear. People don't resort to Wishful thinking because it works. They resort to wishful thinking because it allows them to avoid confronting their fear.

Wishful Thinking is very expensive. As it causes delays, rework, and even outright failure, on every scale from the project to the enterprise. In this program, we explore tools we can use to detect wishful thinking while we're doing it. We then describe several techniques for preventing it, noticing it, and finally, for repairing the consequences of wishful thinking when it happens.

" I wish I could let the past go"

" I wish I were happy"

" I wish I could change this"

" I wish I could get away from here"

" I wish I would be more logical"

I wish I could get it together"

"I wish I were Normal"

" I wish I had answers"

"I wish I could see the future"

" I wish I could see stop smoking, drinking, buying"

"I wish I knew the right thing to do"

" I wish I could live in the moment"

Reading these wishes now, I realize how many wishes have come true, I am happy, my own boss writing every day. I have stopped smoking, drinking, excessively shopping every day. I am making efforts every day to be positive, to be present. I also realize how many these wishes did not come true at that time Why? Because I wasn't trying. I was wishing, wanting, waiting. It was only years later that I realized that if I wanted my wishes to come true, I had to make them come true. I had to take action.

It makes me sad to think back on my past making the same mistakes over and over again and wishing things would change. we cannot just wait for things to change, one has to just get up get out, and make a life what it wants out of you. of course I can't tell the whole world these small things...in precise. but I can still share it for those who are still hopeless, restless, whishing and waiting.

Do's and Dont's of a making a wish a reality

Do one small thing every single day .. Like, don't make yourself become discouraged by big dreams or seemingly impossible goals. Take it one day at a time, one little act at a time.

Don't underestimate yourself:

If someone told college-aged me that would have a site about positivity, I would have rolled on the floor with laughter. But look where I am today. I've been doing this for over three years and I 'don't plan on stopping any time soon. What seem's impossible never is--- just take little belief in yourself. If I hadn't believed in myself, I wouldn't have been able to overcome the obstacles I have. It wasn't always easy to do-- especially when I didn't feel like I was making progress or had setbacks-- but it's essential to making a wish something real.

Do get back on your every fall:

From the time I wrote those wishes to where I am today, I've faced quite a few setbacks. It's been a bumpy, winding road to get from there to here. Sometimes I found myself going backward, falling down. But I was always turning around, getting up again, redirecting myself. Sometimes it was so tempting to say screw it and go back to my old ways, but I took it one day at a time. I reminded myself of all I had to look forward to and those thoughts of a happier future motivated me to stand up every time I fell.

Never give up:

There will be moments when it seems like you will never get where you want to be. Trust me, I've been there. I know how it feels to believe there is no point, that you've given your all and gotten nowhere. But don't give up. There is a teeny, tiny little part of you that has the energy to give a little more, to get up again and try one last tactic. When I look back, I see many situations where I could have given up. I see so many times I wanted to just turn around. But I didn't and I'm so thankful for that. Don't you give up either? It's perseverance that turns ishes into realities.

No matter what your wish might be- a tangled thing like a better career or an emotional state like happiness-- you and only you can make it come TRUE. Others might only be able to give you a lift or boost you along the way. But the rest is up to you. You have a CHOICE. You can stay holed up in your mind, wishing and wanting the way I used to. Or you can get up, take action, make changes. It's all up to you.

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