A healthy, balanced diet

A healthy, balanced diet

A nourishing diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

A nourishing diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Beyond weight loss and maintenance, eating a balanced diet is crucial to a woman's overall health.

Good foods provide vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are important for growth, well-being, and development.

Eating a balanced diet starts with avoiding unhealthy foods.

Packaged and processed foods are often full of sugar, salt, unhealthy fats, and calories. Avoid the fake stuff, and opt for the good stuff, such as:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

♦ Whole grains

♦ Fiber-rich foods such as beans and leafy greens

♦ Fresh fish

♦ Lean cuts of meat and poultry

♦ Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and olive oil

♦ Low-fat dairy

Here's a grocery shopping tip: Shop the perimeter of the store. This is where you'll find fresh foods.

Try to avoid the inside aisles, where most of the boxed and processed foods reside.

Also, be sure to make a list and stick to it, and don't shop hungry. You're more likely to make unhealthy choices and pick up foods you don't need when your tummy is rumbling.

Additionally, a balanced diet is a cornerstone of weight loss.

Carrying around extra weight can increase your risk of several conditions, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

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