Improve your immunity naturally

Improve your immunity naturally

Improve your immunity naturally


Yoga provides us with all the means possible to support our immune system naturally. A holistic practice such as Yoga includes suitable exercises and...

Yoga provides us with all the means possible to support our immune system naturally. A holistic practice such as Yoga includes suitable exercises and techniques to protect all aspects of our being. Asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques can help strengthen the immune system, lower the stress hormones in your body and benefit through better physical and mental health.

Food & Diet

Along with your yoga, and meditation practice you can modify your diet to add healthier, and natural foods to them. Work on your immune system by consuming fruits and vegetables that provide you with Vitamin C. Choose fruits such as orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and capsicums for your dose of Vitamin C. Include dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals for your quota of Vitamin D. Brown rice, millets dark leafy vegetables are a great source for Vitamin B. Sunlight is also extremely beneficial for you, try to wake up early and get your daily dose of the morning sun to soak up all those numerous health benefits.

Physical Practice - Salutations & Asanas

The Himalaya Pranam is practised along with a traditional greeting known as Namho Adish. This is offered to the divine Masters. This salutation is a dynamic flow consisting of forward folds and back bends, this keeps the body mobile and fit.

This system helps the practitioners in multiple ways- it allows the spirit to becomes humble, it enables the spirit to become strong, it increases the capacity of the spirit, and also increases one's power of understanding. This practice teaches them how to evolve towards divine energies.

Steps to perform Himalaya Pranam

• Start in Pranamasana with feet together

• Holding pranam, bend half down with your upper body to Samakonasana

• Straighten to Pranamasana, opening your feet to hip-width distance

• Inhale and bend back to Hastha Uthasana

• Exhale hold your ankles with your palms

• Walk your palms forward and lie down on your stomach in Advasana

• Inahle and lift up both your legs, and palms holding pranam to Shalabsana

• Exhale lie down

• Push back to Adomukhiswanasana

• Walk your palms back to Padahasthasana

• Holding Pranam, bend back to Hastha Uthasana

• Exhale, and bend half down with your upper body to Samakonasana

• Straighten to Pranamasana


• Keeps away stress

• Strengthens the body

• Improves flexibility

• Builds Immunity

Pranayama Technique

Anulom Vilom – Alternate Nostril Breathing


• Sit in a comfortable position of Sukhasana, Ardha Padmasana, Vajrasana or Poorna Padmasana.

• Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and close your eyes to focus on your breath.

• Place your palms on your knees facing upward (in Prapthi Mudra)

Guidelines as per Health Ministry

• Practising Yoga and mild exercise like walking at home

• It is suggested that patients consume an adequate amount of warm water and immunity boosting AYUSH medicines based on the advice of a qualified practitioner

• The guidelines also recommend one spoon of chawanprash in the morning with water or milk on the recommendation of the AYUSH ministry.

• Mild or moderate exercise in the form of Yoga and walks.

• Medicines to alleviate Covid-19 symptoms should also be continued, along with those for comorbidities, if any.

• Patients have been asked to monitor their oxygen levels, temperature, blood pressure and, in case of diabetic patients, blood sugar too.

• If there is persistent dry cough / sore throat, do saline gargles and take steam inhalation. The addition of herbs/spices for gargling/steam inhalation.

• Cough medications should be taken on advice of medical doctor or qualified practitioner of Ayush

• The government also asked recovered patients to participate in group sessions of yoga, meditation etc. while taking all due precautions like physical distancing.

The human immune system makes it possible for us to adapt to even the harshest living environments. It is because of our immunity that we can remain protected from internal and external disease-causing germs. Practice thrice a week for 20 minutes to increase endorphins – feel good chemicals within the body.

Yoga leads to a positive state of mind that promotes better health, and improved immunity. Include Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar along with breathing and meditation techniques like Bheej Dhyan or Seed Meditation in your yoga practice.

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