Tata Institute Develops ₹ 100 Pill for Cancer Care

Tata Institute Develops ₹ 100 Pill for Cancer Care

Tata Memorial Centre Cancer Treatment


₹ 100 Cancer Tablet: By lowering the risk of cancer recurrence by 30 percent and reducing the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy by 50 percent, this new pill will revolutionize cancer care.

Tata Memorial Centre Cancer Treatment

Imagine a medicine that could stop cancer from spreading and coming back for a second time. Picture it then, for just ₹ 100. All signs point to it having materialized!

A treatment to prevent cancer recurrence has been supposedly found by the Mumbai-based Tata Memorial Centre. The institute has reportedly developed a tablet that can cut the risk of cancer recurrence and the severity of its side effects in half.

What exactly is this cancer tablet?

The pill contains resveratrol and copper (R+Cu), according to Dr. Rajendra Badve, a senior cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital. This synergy inhibits chemotherapy-induced toxicity and metastasis by means of oxygen radicals.

Oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer are all likely targets.

How does it work?

Radiation, chemotherapy, or surgical removal of cancer cells causes them to die and fragment into chromatin particles. These microbes make their way into healthy cells via the circulatory system. They often cause these normally functioning cells to become cancerous. It is possible for these chromatin particles to cause tumors by fusing with healthy chromosomes.

In order to eliminate these chromatin particles, the R+Cu tablet now produces oxygen particles. When taken orally, this pill would produce oxygen particles in the stomach, which could subsequently be absorbed into the bloodstream.

When can we expect to see it on store shelves?

According to Dr. Badve, the tablet is currently undergoing approval processes with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is anticipated to hit store shelves in June or July this year.

In Dr. Badve's words on the cancer tablet price-

"While the budget for the treatment ranges from lakhs to crores, this tablet will be available everywhere for just ₹ 100."

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