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Sachita Aditi Sharma, Chandigarh-based freelance artist

Sachita Aditi Sharma, Chandigarh-based freelance artist 


Meet Sachita Aditi Sharma, Chandigarh-based freelance artist who paints for joy and loves to share her artwork with the world.

Meet Sachita Aditi Sharma, Chandigarh-based freelance artist who paints for joy and loves to share her artwork with the world. After quitting her job, she took admission at Government College of Arts in Chandigarh but soon dropped out to further explore the practicality of the very art she wanted to learn. She put up her work on the Facebook page.

Excerpts from an interview

How did your journey start?

Sachita: Sach: Absolute truth Chita: Absolute awareness

Aditi: Goddess kali- Mother of all gods- These two names were given to me. I've been on a journey to understand and live my name. I have been the artsy kind since I remember myself, I started painting in Class XIth with Bama Academy in Panchkula after I saw one of my friend's mom's paintings.

My basics were clear; I just knew how to paint. The colour mixing, the shapes and strokes were so natural for me to pick up, After I did my first painting on my own at home, I just knew I wanted to paint for the rest of my life.

I knew I had to do something more with myself and my art. I started The Adroit Factory; I sourced wire from the local crap guy and started making wire sculptures, trees, and light bulbs, etc, and sold it on Facebook groups. I bought my first set of paints, brushes, and canvas with that money. Got my first portrait project from Instagram, introduced myself to the Hyderabad Art community, volunteered with Hyderabad trails, used to go on art walks with them, treasure hunts. I traveled with my own money. Kept dropping inhibitions one after the other, saw Hampi, Coorg, Wayanad, Chennai, Auroville, Yellapur Ankola, goa, Mysore, Bangalore, and Mumbai all for art.

I would take any project that comes my way. Wall paintings, volunteer projects, painting hostels cafes, co-working spaces. From working on tight deadlines, painting in under-construction sites at night to paint in fully crowded cafes, performing live art, there was a growth in every aspect of my life. I held workshops and exhibitions and then people invited me to events to talk, teach, exhibit and sell.

apturing the process of my work, exploring materials, knowing more about life, existence, healing, and sharing it all on the internet was my life. By now I had judged a graffiti competition at IIT, Madras for Sarang and done a 40ftX70ft live painting show, delivered 100 healing abstract pieces to Udai Omni Hospital, done live painting shows for artists like Goa Gill, conducted several Art Therapy and painting sessions across Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. I made time to teach people yoga and conducted art therapy sessions in Goa.

I moved back to Hyderabad for the exhibition 'Divine Duality' the exhibition was a success and while I was resting in Hyderabad and planning what to do next, my parents asked me to either get married or pick up a job. I picked up a job in Hyderabad as a Marketing Manager - Kept painting and holding workshops on the side. I moved back to Goa, set up my studio, Breath Observer -A fresh start, a fresh Identity. I did numerous workshops and live painting, sold a lot of paintings. Learned how to do Tattoo and Tango.

Art therapy with Sachita is a portal through which people reach out to me for group and individual sessions and through breath observer and I plan on selling the paintings.

What does your work aim to say?

My art speaks, screams, whispers, hold, let's go, helps you get lost, find yourself. It allows me and you both to do so, what are you looking for? Born to create, we are humans! I see no other way of living. Expression and awareness are the only things humans can bring to the table. If you have awareness, as long as you have your breath. You are there. Aur kya karna hai?

Which current art world trends are you following?

I aim to be the trend, to create a trend, not follow. Currently I am working on a series 'Movement in stillness' inspired by a recent trip to the mountains and a masterpiece for my room's wall at my parents' place.

How do you make it? Things you use for your artworks?

My paintings are mostly on canvas with acrylic and oil paints; I sometimes paste paper sketches or stitch/ paste stuff I collected on my travels. I have recently fallen in love with watercolors and loving these two brands Winsor and Newton and Luminous

The process is simple. I keep sketching and doodling on loose sheets or sketchbooks. Sometimes I am inspired by sketches or smaller paintings and I make a bigger piece of it. Mostly it's a just start be the instrument through which Universe wants to express itself. While observing my breath it's meditative, therapeutic and I keep shaping what I see. A simple walk in nature or a conversation with someone can spark inspiration. All you have to do is start and run with it.

What does your art mean to you?

A: A part of me, teaches, heals, shares wisdom, tells secrets, and aligns me with the Universe and my path. Keeps me on my toes, challenges me, and helps me rest and breathe.

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