Masculine Flower Baskets: Best Types For Every Occasion

Masculine Flower Baskets: Best Types For Every Occasion

Who says flowers are just for women? Men appreciate flowers, too! Give the men in your life a flower basket as a surprise if you want to shake things...

Who says flowers are just for women? Men appreciate flowers, too! Give the men in your life a flower basket as a surprise if you want to shake things up a little. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to show your gratitude, love, congrats, or just to make your day happier.

While there's no hard and fast rule on what constitutes masculinity, we've compiled a list of well-liked options for males. From boutonnieres to other special occasions, here are some great options for masculine flowers and fitting gift ideas to complement these floral picks.

Masculine Flowers + Gifts Ideas

Guys also dig flowers as gifts! Flowers aren't just for romance; they can spruce up his space or be a cool accessory for his wedding outfit. Here are some masculine flower ideas to brighten his day and show you care.

White Orchids

If you want a flower that's classy and doesn't lean towards any gender, go for a white orchid. They're awesome masculine flowers, not just because they're clean-looking but also because they bring a chill vibe to any place. If he's having a rough time at work or needs to unwind, a white orchid in his office or bedroom could be a thoughtful gift. Plus, taking care of orchids is pretty simple, even if he's not great with plants.

Red Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums are striking with their bold red colour, making them a great choice for masculine flowers. They look strong and have these cool, bold petals. Plus, chrysanthemums are all about friendship and feeling good, so they're perfect for showing appreciation for having him around if his birthday falls in November; even better! These flowers are November's birth flower, so they're spot on for his special day!

Birds Of Paradise

Catch his eye with the stunning birds of paradise flower! These tropical beauties boast gorgeous orange blooms that look like fancy cranes and will surely steal the show. They stand for being loyal, loving, and thoughtful, making them a perfect, romantic choice for masculine flowers. Plus, they're super easy to care for, ideal for someone who's always on the go!

Red Roses

Everyone adores roses, and they're not just for the ladies. Show the special guy in your life how much you care with a stunning bunch of red roses. Red roses are classic, signifying romance like nothing else, making them an excellent choice for a guy who appreciates tradition. Plus, they set the mood for a fantastic romantic evening together!


If he needs a pick-me-up, Gerberas are perfect! These flowers have vibrant, cheerful petals that always bring a smile. They come in various colours like dark yellow, orange, pink, scarlet, and deep red, so it's easy to pick his favourite. Plus, they're April's birth month flower, adding a special touch!

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are a top choice for houseplants. They add beauty, are low-maintenance, and need very little water. If your guy wants to add some greenery to his home without fuss, a peace lily is the perfect flower for his space!

Black Dahlias

Black dahlias are these deep and dramatic flowers that really stand out in a bouquet or as a boutonniere. With their rich colour, they give off this luxurious vibe, making them a great choice for a masculine touch. Try matching black dahlias with anise and some herbs like rosemary and thyme if you're making a basket.

Scabiosa Pods

Scabiosa pods, also called pincushions, are these rustic and eye-catching flowers that work well to fill in a bouquet. They add a unique texture to a masculine flower arrangement! These pods have this spiky ball in the middle and sturdy stems that make them stand out from your usual flowers. They can shine alone or become a cool part of wedding centrepieces for tables or even boutonnieres.

White Hydrangeas

White hydrangeas are a safe bet; their neutral colour and versatile style fit in with any bouquet. When you gift hydrangeas, you're sharing your genuine feelings and thankfulness. So, if you want to express gratitude or simply show appreciation to him, these blooms are a perfect choice.


If you need a masculine flower for a boutonniere, consider Craspedia flowers, also called Billy Buttons. These round, yellow flowers bring a lively and eye-catching touch, making them ideal blooms for men. Choose a flower that shines as brightly as he does!


How about changing things up with some succulent plants instead of flowers? Succulents are perfect if you want something different and a bit of greenery in your gift. These plants are easy to take care of; they do well in dry conditions and inside, and they clean the air. Some succulents, like aloe vera, have helpful uses, too, like soothing cuts, sunburns, and shaving nicks.

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