Mother's Day 2021: Know History and Significance of Mother's Day; Mother, is God's Deputy on Earth

Know History and Significance of Mother’s Day; Mother, is God’s Deputy on Earth

Know History and Significance of Mother’s Day; Mother, is God’s Deputy on Earth


Mother's Day 2021: A mother‘s love is always unconditional as well as pure towards her children.

Mother's Day 2021: A mother's love is always unconditional as well as pure towards her children. Since the day, she carries her baby in her womb, till the day she is alive, she only sacrifices and never complains and always make sure, her baby gets only the best.

Every mother is a beautiful creation of God, she never gets tide, even at the end of the day, if her children ask her to do something, she would always be ready to do it with a big smile on her face. She is ever loving, kind and always be ready to sacrifice her needs for the sake of her children.

Mother's are always in the forefront protecting their children from all dangers, which may harm them. They care and offer them everything they need. And they always strive to make their children excellent and competent human being.

History of Mother's Day

During Ancient times, Mother's day was earlier celebrated by both Greeks as well as Romans, they use to worship Goddess Rhea and Cybelle

Later, the above day, was celebrated at different places on different dates. Mother's day was first time celebrated in the US. A woman, whose name was Anna Jarvis, held a memorial for mother, as her mother's desire was to hold a memorial for her, after her demise. Thus, after a period of 3 years again on her mother's death day, which was on May 10th, in the year 1908, Jarvis held a memorial ceremony, so that she not only pays honor to her mother but to all mothers of Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church.

Anna's mother was also a peace activist; she use to attend the wounded soldiers, when American Civil war was going on. Her mother was also founder of Mother's Day Work Clubs and she worked in the area of public.

In the year, 1912, West Virginia Governor proclaimed about mother's day and in the year 1913, even Pennsylvania's Governor also proclaimed mother's day. And only in the year, 1914, in the US, Mother's Day has become an official holiday when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that 2nd Sunday in the month of May, would be a day to pay honor to entire motherhood.

Anna's Mother's significant contribution towards the society as well as Anna's utmost respect as well as love toward her Mother, helped lay foundation for Mother's Day celebration, getting recognized and declared to be a national holiday by the American Statesman as well as lawyer Woodrow Wilson.

Mother Day celebration dates in Different places

In India

In India, each year, the 2nd Sunday of May month, Mother's day is celebrated. This year, it would be celebrated on 9th May, Sunday.

In United Kingdom

Mother's day is celebrated on 4th Sunday in the month of March, commemorating the memory of Mother of church on Christian Mothering Sunday.

In Greece

Mother's Day is celebrated on 2nd February, linking the day with the Eastern Orthodox celebration of the presentation of Jesus Christ at the temple.

How to celebrate Mother's day?

People usually tend to say thank you to their sweet mother, by making greeting cards or by buying beautiful gifts, some who are very good in preparing best dishes, usually tend to cook good food for their loving mothers. Some of them buy cakes and some others bake them and there are few people, who take their mother out for a movie or to a good restaurant in the city. However, due to Corona virus induced lockdown, it is not safe to take your mother out for a movie or to any best restaurant, you can prepare simple food at your place and ask her to relish it, she will definitely love it, if you do not know to cook, you can make beautiful greeting card with the items you have in your home. Give it to her personally or you can share the images of the card on social media as status or you can even send personal text on whatsapp if you are not able to visit her.

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