New books to check out in market

New books to check out in market

New books to check out in market


A good read, a cup of hot coffee and a cosy couch is the best way to enjoy the monsoons. If you plan on tackling the rainy season here are our suggestions for what you pick.

A good read, a cup of hot coffee and a cosy couch is the best way to enjoy the monsoons. If you plan on tackling the rainy season here are our suggestions for what you pick.

'Myla: Insurrection' by Arjun Rao

Malaika Menon, aka Agent Myla returns home to Calicut, Kerala to find her entire family brutally murdered. Being the tip of the spear in India's fight against terrorism, she is no stranger to killing and death. However, the savage killings leave her shaken to her very core. On leave from her position in the Indian Army, Myla discovers a sinister plot. It appears that the murders were all aimed at flushing her out from the natural protection of the Indian Army. With her on the streets of Calicut, the perpetrators appear to have got what they wanted. Myla, alone and grieving, far from her lethal best. Best of all, she is now unprotected. Myla unearths clues that point to a conspiracy perpetrated by a far larger enemy than she has ever encountered before. A criminal enterprise so large, and so pervasive, that it has invaded every level of Indian society. Shattered by her loss, enraged by her inability to protect her loved ones, Myla decides to go after the truth. Find out what really happened, and why. She does the only thing she knows how to. The one thing that she is a master at. She picks up her gun and decides to investigate. Will she survive against the largest menace known to India? Or will they achieve what they wanted along? To put a bullet in Myla's head. Myla's dangerous game of cat and mouse takes her from Calicut, to Chennai, where she faces the head of the snake in a shattering frontal attack that she cannot possibly survive.

'Beyond a Love Story' by Chitkala Mulye

Sameer seduced by his elder cousin, gets carried away in a physical relationship with him. Preeti, Sameer's childhood tutor and best friend, finds solace in her bond with Sameer, which has ripened over years. However, when Sameer who is gay, finds his soul mate Abhijeet, Preeti goes through an intense emotional turmoil. This beginning in Sameer's life, exposes him to a canvas of suffering; revealing the true meaning of love, companionship, family and sacrifice while turning the tables and bringing a twist in the tale! The story explores how true love transcends the boundaries of gender, age, and sexuality questioning the perceived notions about relationships, thus challenging the typical conventions of family system.

'Happily Frustrated' by Ritiqa Pachauri

Shelly (the protagonist) becomes an alcoholic after discovering that her husband of ten years (Saurabh) was gay. He had left her for another man, and it had left her heartbroken. Because of her addiction, Shelly loses her job, her friends, her sister's support and even her parents sympathy. However, her mother did feel her pain and asks her to go on a vacation to Goa. Here, Shelly meets her aunt Polly, who slowly a d steadily tries to bring Shelly back on track. Another character who is a tarot card reader also plays an important role in Shelly's life. However, the twist comes when Shelly returns from Goa and tells her family about aunt Polly. What's the twist? Will Shelly overcome her pain? Will she ever be happy?

'The Mindset of a Growing Entrepreneur' by Harsh Joshi

What is new to you in this book is that uncertainty can be used tp your benefit if you create and deploy an entrepreneurial mindset a way of thinking about your business that captures the benefits of uncertainty. This book distills our observations of habitual entrepreneurs. It shows you how they think, how they behave, and exactly what it is that they do so well.

Saurabh Bagaria's 'Money Gone'

Capturing the intricacies of a fictional high-profile offshore money diversion scheme shrouded in secrecy and an equally high-on-action chase by Indian tax authorities, 'Money Gone', is a thriller novel by author and advocate Saurabh Bagaria that takes readers through overseas indulgence, tense courtrooms, and even the dark web.

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