21 best tips for a successful long-distance relationship

21 best tips for a successful long-distance relationship

You may discourage him and some of your best friends may advise you not to take it too seriously, in case of your heartbreaks.

You may discourage him and some of your best friends may advise you not to take it too seriously, in case of your heartbreaks.

No one says it will be easy - the extra distance makes many things unrealistic. Things could get complicated and you could sometimes be sad and alone.

However, the extra distance also makes the simplest things more enjoyable: being able to hold the other person's hand, eating together at the same table, touching each other, strolling, feeling the hair, those little wishes could suddenly mean so much more in a long-distance relationship.

Remote relationships can be difficult, but they also have their own surprises. To keep your love alive and strong, here are 21 tips for your relationship to work:

1. Avoid excessive communications.

It is not wise to be too "sticky" and possessive. You do not really need to communicate 12 hours a day for the relationship to continue. Many couples think they have to make up the distance by doing more. This is not true. And that could make things worse. Soon, you would be tired of "loving".

Remember: less is more. It's not spam, you're just going to run out. It's really about teasing at the right time and shooting in the right place.

2. See this as an opportunity.

"If you want to live together, you must first learn to live separately." - Anonymous

See it as a learning journey for both of you. See this as a test of your love for each other. As the Chinese proverb says: "The real gold is not afraid of the ordeal of fire". Instead of thinking that this long-distance relationship separates you, you should believe that, through this experience, you will be connected to each other. stronger.

As Emma tells Will in the fourth season of Glee, "I would rather be here, away from you, but feel very close rather than close to you but really far away." - Emma, Glee Season 4

3. Establish ground rules for managing your expectations.

You must both know clearly what you expect from each other during this long-distance relationship. Set some ground rules so that none of you do things that will surprise the other party.

For example, are you two exclusive? Does the other person have the right to go on dates? What is your level of commitment? It's better to be open to each other about all these things.

4. Try to communicate regularly and creatively.

Greet each other "hello" and "goodnight" every day - it's a must. In addition to that, try to make your partner aware of your life and events, even if some things seem trivial.

To improve the game, occasionally send pictures, audio clips, and short videos. By doing this kind of effort, you make the other person feel loved and served.

5. Talk dirty with each other.

Sexual tension is without a doubt one of the most important things between couples. Sexual desire is like a glue that prevents both parties from separating. Not only is sex a biological need, but it is also an emotional need.

Keep the flames burning by sending you teasing lyrics filled with sexual insinuations and provocative descriptions. Sexy word games work very well too.

6. Avoid "dangerous" situations.

If you already know that going to the club or drinking with your group of friends late at night will displease your partner, then you should: 1. Do not do it or 2. Tell it in advance to your partner to reassure him.

Do not be reckless about this kind of problem, because your partner will only be very worried or suspicious, and of course very upset because you put him in a position where he feels helpless or lacks control...

In addition, it may be easy for you to fall into the trap that you settle, unconsciously or not, "hanging out" with your candy in the office after work or go out with a girl or guy from your past who flirts with you. You must recognize the dangers before entering the situation.

Do not just listen to your heart. Listen to your mind too.

7. Do things together.

Play an online game together. Watch a documentary on YouTube or Vimeo at the same time. Sing on Skype while one of you plays the guitar. "Let's take a walk together" on the outside while calling us by video. Go online shopping together - and buy some gifts (see # 13).

You really have to be creative and spontaneous about it.

8. Do similar things.

Recommend books, TV shows, movies, music, news, etc., to each other. When you read, look and listen to the same things, you have more things in common to tackle.

It's good to create shared experiences even if you live separately.

9. Make visits to each other.

Visits are the culmination of every long-distance relationship.

After all the expectations, desires and abstinence, you can finally meet to accomplish all the little things like kissing, holding hands, etc., which are common to other couples but are very special and intimate for people who live in distant relationships...

It will be like fireworks, scintillating bombs, confetti, rainbows and butterflies.

10. Have a goal in mind.

"What do we want to accomplish at the end of the day?" "How long are we going to stay apart?" "What about the future?" These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

The truth is that no couple can be in a distant relationship forever. Finally, we must all settle down.

So make a plan with each other. Make a schedule by noting separate time estimates and times together and set a final goal.

It is important that you are on the same page and that you have the same goals. So, even if you do not live in the same space and time zone, you are both motivated to work together in the same direction for a mutually inclusive future.

That's right, it takes motivation for the relationship to last too. Learn more about what motivates you here.

11. Enjoy your time alone and your time with your friends and family.

You are alone but you are not alone unless you choose to feel it. You do not have to let your world go around your partner - you always have you, your friends and your family. Take the time to do more with your friends and family. Go to the gym more often. Get a new hobby. Binge-shows shows. There are many things to do for you that do not involve your partner.

12. Stay honest with each other.

Talk about your feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy, whatever they are. If you try to hide something from your partner, this secret will swallow you sooner or later. Do not try to fix everything yourself. Be open and honest with each other. Let your partner help you and give you the support you need. it is better to examine the problem in its initial phase than to reveal it only when it is too late.

13. Know each other's schedules.

It's helpful to know when the other person is busy and when they are free, so you can text or make a call at the right time. You would not want to bother your partner when he/she is in the middle of class or halfway to a work meeting. Know the big and small events that take place or will take place in everyone's life, for example, university courses and exams, business trips and important meetings, job interviews, etc. This is especially important when you both live in different time zones.

14. Keep track of other social media activities.

I love everyone's photos on Facebook and Instagram. Tweet to each other. Mark each other. Share things on each other's walls. Show that you care. Be cool about tracking you down.

15. Offer a personal item to the other person.

There is power in memory. Whether it's a small pendant, a ring, a bunch of keys, a collection of songs and videos, or a bottle of perfume. We often attach meanings to the small things and objects of our everyday lives, whether knowingly or not. That's what we all do. We try to store memories in physical things, in the hope that when we miss our mind, we can look at or keep something that will help us remember. That's why something so simple can mean a lot to one person, while others may see little or no value.

16. Get a good email application.

This is extremely important because sending SMS is the most common and common way of communication for both of you. You need a good email application on your phones that allows for interactions beyond words and emoticons.

Personally, I use this messaging application called LINE. I find it very effective because it contains a huge supply of fun stickers and fun that its users can use for free. You can also go to the "Sticker Shop" of the app to download (or offer!) Additional stickers of different themes (eg Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Snoopy, MARVEL, etc.) at a low price. . From time to time, the app also distributes free sticker sets for different promotions. This messaging app is cute and easy to learn to use.

17. Send your gift by mail.

Mail postcards and handwritten love letters. Send gifts around the world from time to time. Deliveries of flowers to birthdays and Valentine's Day. Shop online and surprise yourself with t-shirts, sexy underwear, etc.

18. Stay positive.

You must constantly inject positive energy into the long-distance relationship to keep it alive. Yes, the wait can be painful and you can sometimes feel lonely, but you have to remember that the fruits, in the end, will be soft as the sky.

A good way to stay positive is to be grateful all the time. Be grateful to have someone to love - someone who loves you too in return. Be grateful for the little things, like the handwritten letter that arrived safely in your mailbox the other day. Be grateful for everyone's health and safety.

19. Keep up to date with your friends and family.

Because gossip and scandals are always the best things to do.

20. Video call whenever possible.

Because looking in your eyes and hearing their voices can make you feel good again.

21. Give the names of the other animals.

Because it's cute. He keeps the lovey-dovey going.

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