Couple's who had a breakup explain why they log into Ex's Social media account's

Couples who had a breakup explain why they log into Exs Social  media accounts

Seven couple's who had a breakup explain why they log into their Ex's Social media account's as they snoop for an obvious reason.

Seven couple's who had a breakup explain why they log into their Ex's Social media account's as they snoop for an obvious reason.

Sharing your Netflix and Facebook passwords with your S.O. is one thing, but giving them access to your social media accounts? That's just the opposite of smart—especially if you two have a high chance of breaking up.

While you might move on, odds are, your ex is probs still clinging on to both their feelings and your Insta password. According to a new survey of over 2,500 people published today by cybersecurity company Specops Soft, 27 per cent are still logging in to their ex's social media accounts. And, get this: 69 per cent of people have logged in to a former lover's IG account just in the last week.

QQ: Do you have your current S.O. or ex's login info for any social media platform?

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In the survey, 58 per cent of people said they snoop for the obvious reason: To see if their ex is dating someone new. But 11 per cent are doing it to get revenge and/or pose as their ex in order to post content or talk to others… which TBH, is terrifying.

As someone who has never attempted this level of stalking (admittedly, I'm notorious for blocking my exes instead), I'm shocked at how this even happens and how someone gets access to another person's social media passwords. So, I spoke with seven people who regularly use their ex's social media logins that they still have saved and have miraculously not been changed yet. Allow them to explain:

1. "Back in high school, my bestie and I tried to hack into our boyfriends' FB accounts just to see if we could do it. They had extremely predictable passwords, so we both got in on our first tries. Anyway, my ex and I broke up about three years ago, and I've since used his account as something to go through when I'm bored. There aren't any feelings there anymore, but it's hilarious to see what he's up to and who he's hooking up with."-Stella, 25.

2. "I just like checking up to see what's going on in his life. I'll admit, I do actively look for other girls he's interacting with—but it's not painful anymore. I feel like the exposure to his actions has helped me accept our breakup and move on in bigger ways." —Ibella, 21

3. "Once I saw my boyfriend type his password and I remembered it. We broke up about four months ago, but I still regularly look at his account to see what he's doing. I miss him. Honestly, the last time I logged into his account was this morning." —Ss, 20

4. "She actually gave me her email information when we were dating. Two years after we broke up, I logged into her account since I noticed she had new Venmo transfers with some guy. Turns out, that was her new boyfriend." —Rak, 22

5. "My S.O. gave me his info while we were together, and I guess he never bothered to change his password after we broke up. We've since been broken up for almost a year, but I've never logged out of the account. I only go on his feed because it's interesting to me." —Sprk, 19

6. "My ex and I separated a while back for multiple reasons, but I admittedly logged back into her account (that she shared with me during our relationship) five months ago. Honestly, I did snoop around, so word to the wise: Change your passwords regularly (especially after a breakup)." —Attie, 22

7. "I actually have quite a few ex's logins. With one in particular, I logged back into her Finsta a couple of months ago. I just wanted to see what she'd been posting since I obviously don't follow it anymore." —John, 24

So there you have it, folks. If you happen to be someone who's still snooping around your ex's socials, consider this: In the survey, the majority of respondents said doing so made them feel depressed, and 43 per cent believed it was preventing them from moving on.

And PSA to everyone: You may have never considered that you should change your passwords after a breakup, but if this doesn't give you incentive, I'm not sure what else will.

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