Sex can be better when you do with the person you love

Sex can be better when you do with the person you love
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There is a much difference between making love and having sex. The person you have sex, may not be the person you love.

There is a much difference between making love and having sex. The person you have sex, may not be the person you love. But the person you love, is the right person to have sex with.

Many say that until and unless you have experience to talk about the subject related to sex and love, you can't just say something in the air and pull balloons, and keep flowers in the ears of people. But what if something is real facts, you can't deny.

One of the best things to be in a relationship is making love, I mean something real love and being committed to stay whatever the situation and consequences comes and throws at your face.

Sex is one of the most fascinated things on earth which everyone love to do it. But what if he or she is not someone whom you are committed with or not in love with, ending up with one night stands in the balcony with closed doors.

As per Psychology Today, according to the pioneering sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey said that from attraction to action, sexual behavior takes many forms.

Things like stress, work life balance, relationship problems, if all these are taken naturally, especially when you are in love, sex life automatically stays much contented and satisfied.

But the thing is; the sex which you make out or do with a stranger is completely different from the partner with whom you do on bed regularly.

You can't expect your stranger sex partner to make love, it is just equalizing and resembling two gender sex toys in the toy shop.

When you have sex with the same partner whom you love, you'll get that feel of desire from her, that she wants you completely, you'll feel that love which you both wanted to make it and you'll hear those "love you" words plenty of times, which again builds your relationship even stronger.

The best part is, you stay connected with your partner emotionally when you have sex with the partner you love, rather than the person you have with on those one night stands for which pleasure and satisfaction is the answer. The whole conceptual thing is very simple, you can feel love and stay connected when you have sex with your loved partner.

And again, the communication is not similar when comes to sex with a stranger, but the same communication with your partner is way different. She opens up with you more, she keeps it easy.

You both understands each other on bed and knows what she want, her touch points, your touch points, all these are well communicated when you do it with the person you love. You will not get the same treatment with a stranger or on one-night stands.

Quickies are more possible here in love, those love bites and kisses are more possible in love. You know each other clues and communication gestures.

You can just swiftly pull down, go low and just do it fast. And the next moment, you held each closely and tightly and watch your favorite episode on TV.

Can you expect this on one-night stands or with strangers you do sex with? I mean the paid sex I'm talking about. We see this more often, so there is nothing to hesitate and be like "I don't know" kind.

The best part is you know your smell and the bodies. In love you get used to that smell of each other's bodies. Even if you both grow old, she is still your woman, you are still her man.

In one-night stands and short term relationships, it find weird to discuss all these. It ends fast as what is the subject reason you are there for. In a committed relationship you get that love and sex equally, but you miss love while in short term relationships and one-night stands.

When you are young, you have lots of confidence in you, you have lots of energy in you. The desire and dreams are high as your expectations are like.

But all these are not the same in every day period until and unless you have an understanding partner beside you, who loves you, cares you, trusts you and most importantly boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

You know, having sex with the right person, you love, improves your confidence, reduces stress, keep you away from distraction and also heals from disappointment thereafter. All these can happen only when you do with a partner you love.

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