Three promising exercises for better sex life

Three promising exercises for better sex life

As we all know, not only does daily exercise keep you safe, it also helps you build a stronger heart.

As we all know, not only does daily exercise keep you safe, it also helps you build a stronger heart. But have you learned that it can also help improve the performance of your bed? We send you some simple ways to do regularly.

1. Plank

They're an easy piece of cake but certainly not! Core strength is important to ensure good overall health. Planks improve the strength of your back and abs among other benefits and this strength of the upper body is essential to lasting longer between sheets. Devote no less than 10 minutes a day, raise your time steadily and you'll see the difference for yourself!


Place both your forearms on the ground and raise yourself up in a push-up position with your feet on the floor in a uniform length with your back and head on the same point. Raise your body when keeping your weight entirely on your forearms and feet. Hold your breath when you plane as long as you can.

2. Glute Bridge

Looking to improve your power and performance afterwards, don't look any further! Glute bridge training targets such muscles as well as helping you train for many lifting activities such as powerlifting, deadlifting, etc. You will drive better with a stronger pelvic, glutes and hamstrings that will in effect improve your pleasure!


Bring on an exercise or a yoga mat on your down with your hands on the floor and bend your knees. Rest your feet a good distance from the floor. Raising your pelvis gradually with steady hands, using the strength of your feet. Hold back to the ground your elbows and upper legs. When you hit the location of the bridge grip and release your glute muscles. Go back slowly into the original position!

3. Kegel

Renowned for tightening pelvic muscles, this should top your sexercise list! During an orgasm, pelvic floor muscles contract, and a strong muscle ensures intense orgasms. Kegels can be performed anywhere at any moment, not something that would require equipment but on an empty bladder and ideally a sitting position.


Identify the muscles that help you urinate, and now pretend that you have to keep it in. Find the muscle? Hold it for at least 5 seconds now and release it. Do this several times.

Now that we have listed three exercises which need no equipment.

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