Be stress-free this Ramzan

Be stress-free this Ramzan

Women play multiple roles and take more responsibilities, come festive season, and its important to follow few tips to beat the stress

Women are able to perform all the roles they have without compromising any of it.

Women are the first ones to wake up for Sahar, which is the first meal that Muslims have as early as 2 am to sustain them for the rest of the day.

It does get a bit hectic and tiring, but the contentment and happiness that women get when they sit down (at) the table with the family and eating our favourite foods, that moment is priceless.

Here are a few tips to manage stress:

Making time management: Time management is important because once you're back from work you don't have ample of time that you have for prayers as well as cooking a meal.

A lot of women most likely prepared in advance prior to Ramzan. This way you wouldn't spend all our time in the kitchen.

Creating a 'virtual sisterhood': Women will get anxious during Ramzan, so they should focus on worshipping more. While cooking one can listen to some lectures.

If you are working, take two weeks off from work to focus on your Ramzan. You can cancel all your kids' extracurricular activities so that you have less to do.

Walking during fast: One of the best things anyone can do during fasting hours is to walk around every 30 minutes.

This will help maintain alertness and allows the body to wake up because it will be in a depleted and exhausted state during Ramzan.

Healthy food: The quality and quantity of food are important - increasing fruits and vegetables help with energy, whereas eating fats, carbs, salt and sugar cause the person to feel drained, because of the rise in glucose in the body.

Hydrate your body: If you follow a healthy Ramzan diet and drink plenty of water, then you will feel calmer at work because your hormones will be in the normal range."

Don't feel guilty: Go for easy and quick food recipes. It's difficult to constantly be able to come up with ideas for meals and especially in Ramzan, where it's a time for feasting and eating comforting food, so you can give your family a healthy alternative.

Focus on creating recipes that need less time, so that women will have more time focusing on their spirituality.

This way you won't feel guilty or feel like you are not nourishing their family and they're able to perform all the roles they have without compromising any of it.

Encourage men to share the responsibility: Encourage husbands and partners to help out.

Women have to say it clearly, it's not the responsibility of the lady only to take care of the housework.

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