Happenings are always good

Happenings are always good
Happenings are always good

We often say, what happened was good, what is happening is better and what will happen in future, will be the best. Perhaps, for this reason, we say...

We often say, what happened was good, what is happening is better and what will happen in future, will be the best. Perhaps, for this reason, we say that God is always good.

Then, one can raise this question: "If everything is good, why do we feel pain or agony in many incidents in our life time?" Whatever may be the feeling – good or bad – that is temporary, nothing stands for all times. Continuous happiness or pleasure is not possible for any human being at this point of time. One, who can keep oneself smiling all the time, is really an exceptional personality in the present world.

Such type of human being is discovered by the people when there seems to be a spark of positive mentality in them. The law of attraction describes that good thing attracts good and bad attracts bad. But still the happenings are always in the right direction. Good and bad are also relative to the situation, perspective, place and time. Besides this, many times they are explained, depending on the mental state of the persons and their inner desire concerning profit or loss.

No incident comes back or repeats second time within the same Kalpa, but the forwarding process through further lessons is being continued. Actually, we are within an Eternal World Drama (EWD) each having a time span of 5000 years of repeating cycles. Good is certainly good if it is not creating any negative impact on anyone's mind and, at the same time, bad is not always bad; because some good things may be hidden in it.

There is a particular direction of each Kalpa in its cyclical path. No one knows this direction, but just unknowingly moves towards the way, as destined in the time wheel. What we think a few minutes or hours back, may not always happen, though it was supposed to be in right direction. But always some subtle things work beyond our thoughts. Thus, when advance thinking does not match with the practical moment, generally, happenings come with embarrassment and sufferings.

Still, it is drama and we have to accept the same, because that unprecedented incident is also to be treated as good. Whatever may be the happenings, time never stops its journey in its own direction. As a whole, the drama wheel can never be otherwise deviating from its own path. If the complete cycle is good, every moment is also good, in spite of the happenings, which are not desired by us.

So, we have to go deep in each event or situation, coming in our life. What is seen or shown outward is not always true; some hidden factors are always there in the mind. The cause and effect are interconnected and there is relationship between the two in the form of effort and reward. Actually, time has no limit when the human being remains in the being (soul) state, our earthly time is related to the rotating speed of the globe.

Though we are restricted in bodies, but the soul within a body is multidimensional; hence, as human beings, we are unlimited. The past actions in the form of sanskars remain hidden in the subconscious layer along with a symmetry in the 5th dimension. All the records in memories are five-dimensional charts in our reincarnation or karmic cycle. All of our lives in past, present and future are being lived at the same moment but at different frequencies. Thus, our past lives are occurring right now on a different frequency along with the present and future. As a result, every moment is valuable, and it is linked with its past and future. Therefore, betterment in life lies in the discovery of the self, while passing each and every moment of life.

B K Dr Swapan Rudra

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