Things women should carry in their handbag

Things women should carry in their handbag

This is a must-must have. Every woman, cutting across all strata of society, all ages, should carry a can of pepper spray in her bag.

Pepper spray

This is a must-must have. Every woman, cutting across all strata of society, all ages, should carry a can of pepper spray in her bag. Taking into account the unfortunate incidents against women that have happened in our country in the recent past, pepper spray for self defense is mandatory.

Carrying a pepper spray will always give you confidence to face any threat and keep you safe from all harm.


Your only rescue to boredom when you are out and you love it. When we stuck in a metro or a cab or maybe in between a stranger party where you at the peak of your boredom and finding a way out. Help yourself with headphones.

Apart from that, it is a big mood elevator when you way back home from a busy schedule and then while listening to some music you get lost in your own imaginary world. Big stress buster and a must keep in the purse.

Healthy snack

Working through lunch shouldn't happen often, but when it does, it's good to have a filling snack in your purse.

A notebook

I am a constant doodler and idea jotter, and nothing frustrates me more than having an idea or wanting to draw something and having nothing to get it down on.

Yeah, sure, you could use your phone, but there's something magical to me about having a single place for all your most precious creative thoughts and scribbles that you carry around with you just for when inspiration strikes.

Hand sanitizer

I must confess, I carry two different hand sanitizers in my bag. With so many germs around, hand sanitizer is a must have, especially if you are using public transport.

Hair bands/Clutchers

These come to your rescue when you just want to keep your hair off your face. Keep a few elastic hair bands and one hair grasp in your bag always.

Pack of tissues

For winter colds, crying during sad movies, and showing kindness to strangers. You're welcome.

Hairbrush/ Comb

If you are a damsel in distress and you always need something to rescue you from your mane issues, then grab that comb and keep it always in your handbag. Let it be any season or irrespective of the weather outside, a comb is a must.

You don't want to be a part of hair disaster, even though you so amazingly dressed up and ready to be that centre of attraction. So, ladies, keep that hairbrush along wherever you go. Trust me your comb is your best friend. Abide by it.

Face wipes

You caught me right, isn't it a refreshing solution to a long tired day. Especially when you are travelling during hot summers and your makeup starts melting out and you sweaty all over, face wipes comes to you at the most rescue. It also gives you an instant mood lift and a refreshing effect all again.

Mouth refreshers

You might feel that you have brushed your teeth thoroughly, tongue have been cleaned and you have used a mouthwash too before stepping out, but is that enough for a long day. If you think so, it's wrong.

With time and irrespective of whether you eat or not eat out, your breath tends to get bad. Imagine you have a meeting lined up in the evening, trust me that bad breath can be a big mistake and risk for your meeting too. So bad breath, a big no. Mouth freshener is a must.

An extra pair of earrings

There are work earrings and then there are fancy earrings. Depending on where we are going, we wear one pair and we keep the other pair in our bag.

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