Weights and Measures Day

Weights and Measures Day

Weights and Measures Day is celebrated on May 20 of every year

Weights and Measures Day is celebrated on May 20 of every year. Weights and Measures Day honours the signing of the Metre Convention (an international treaty) signed on 20 May 1875.

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The exact origin and the founder of Weights and Measures Day are still unknown. But the day honours the anniversary of International Treaty signing on May 20, 1875.

The signing is based at the Pavillon de Breteuil in Sevres, France. It was a 10.7-acre site granted to the Bureau by the French Government in 1876.

As per the authority of the Metric Convention, the BIPM helps to ensure unity of SI weights and measures across the world. It processed through a series of consultative committees.

It carries out the measurement-related researches. It also takes part in organising the international comparisons of national measurement standards.

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