MyVoice: Views of our readers 16th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th November 2020


MyVoice: Views of our readers 16th November 2020

Stop bloodshed on borders

The killing of innocent Army personnel from both sides of the border (India & Pakistan & even China) is heartrending. This is the price these courageous men have to pay for the patriotic zeal exhibited in guarding their borders. Whether it is a case of intrusion by men on either side or unprovoked firing, the loss of lives is irrevocable.

Should border disputes remain unresolved for years together? Compensation to the dependent families in cash or kind or jobs to the eligible are all matters which no doubt are granted routinely. But the loss of human lives can never be compensated for, whatsoever. The leaders of the respective governments should take remedial measures to address contentious issues of border disputes without placing them in cold storage and settle them amicably in a reasonably good time.

The much needed will of the political dispensations in these countries backed up by subtle diplomacy and a sense of give and take is a sine-qua-non for thrashing out comprehensive settlements. The governments should get their act together in the best interests of themselves and their innocent and patriotic armymen. Let's all hope and pray that they do so at the earliest.

N R Raghuram, Ramnagar, Hyderabad

Strengthen tax collections

The TRS government reducing property tax interest up to 90%, and now waiving off 50 % up to Rs 15,000 is really encouraging tax evasions in future, as genuine honest taxpayers may feel dejected. The GHMC and HMDA need to build more roads, more bus terminals, more public parks, more footpaths and more MMTS lines, need to fund more city bus services, develop more hospitals, more municipal schools etc.

Also the government is not focussing on improving basic amenities like normal city bus services, no new bus stands around ORR as proposed by HMDA to reduce congestion of city roads, no new MMTS lines, many apartments complexes coming adjacent to railway lines in Lingampally-Gopal Nagar, Hitec City-Borabanda, Moulali- Cherlapaly routes, closing future options for connectivity of roads along railway track and adjacent areas.

The Town Planning department and the GHMC need to seriously look into these issues and make provisions for 300 ft free area along rail tracks for naalas, slip roads, connectivity roads, new MMTS lines in future. Therefore, instead of waiving off taxes, the government needs to strengthen tax collection to fund developments.

Vijaya Narayana C, Secunderabad

Caste-based quota system should go

In today's world, the old reservation system has to be amended and should bring in some of the effective changes in the system. When we look at the criteria, half of the seats in colleges or in jobs are reserved for backward castes. The government is providing free education, also students from the backward castes score rank which is not enough for admission to the colleges, yet they are given admission.

General category students who score even 99% in JEE are still unsure of getting seat in the IIT's where backward students get 50% reservation. Leaders are elected and they know all the things related to this reservation system. Then why there is no amendment to the reservation system.

When is India is going to be a developed country if such system prevails? A forward caste person has to forgo his dreams of studying in JNU, IITs and NITs. If the system is not changed, forward castes students suffer. A small request to the government to change this system.

Manoj Kumar Rathna, Chennur, Warangal dist, TS

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