MyVoice: Views of our readers 1st September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th September 2021


The very schemes like Rythubandhu and Dalit Bandhu or whatever name you ascribe are misused, the benefit being passed on more to rich farmers than to the small, marginal and peasant farmers

'Bandhu' or 'Bondhu'?

The very schemes like Rythubandhu and Dalit Bandhu or whatever name you ascribe are misused, the benefit being passed on more to rich farmers than to the small, marginal and peasant farmers. Any sops meant for the poor should be limited on the basis of income but not in the name of caste. There are number of industrial bigwigs and business tycoons whose accounts are credited with crores of rupees under these schemes. MLAs, Ministers... swindle money under the guise of such schemes.

Welfare schemes meant for the poor are enjoyed by the autocrats and plutocrats. Is this the right way, the custodian governments should conduct the true poverty alleviation ? The taxpayers' money is diverted and diverged thus into the pockets of magnates. Robbing Peter to pay Paul which is turning the 'Peter a pauper and Paul a Loafer'...These scamming schemes are only to purchase votes but not to assuage the really poor people.This is the Mathew Effect where disproportionate and undue credit is given to the preeminent people and thus the rich get richer and the poor become poorer.

K Sai Prasanna, Tadepalligudem

Risky ride to schools

This refers to 'Private schools put children's safety ball in parents ' court ' (THI). Undoubtedly Covid-19 cases have plummeted and dipped. But pandemic is still on the prowl. Fear of pandemic has gripped everyone. Lockdown has relaxed people but Coronavirus has not yet fully subsided and vanished. Parents are vacillating between hope and fear to send their wards to attend physical classes. Some parents are making bold and summoning up and mustering up courage to send their children to school from September 1.

The Telangana State government, schools and college managements are not going to take any kind of responsibility and protection and safety of students. It would be on parents' own risk if anything goes amiss. Some parents want to send their children to schools after some days of reopening schools. Some parents are planning to send their wards to schools next academic year. Because their children can't maintain physical distance and it is not possible to continue to wear masks for long hours at a stretch. Those parents who are willing to send their children to schools is like resigning their children to fate with masks and sanitizers.

Zubair Khan, Hyderabad

Ill-effects of Talibani patriarchy

Sir, the biggest losers in Afghanistan now under the ruthless Taliban are Afghan women, who will be shackled by Taliban's skewed version of 'Islam'. Afghani women will be prevented from working and from being educated. They'll be reduced to mere toys to satiate various appetites of those wayward brigands walking around with AK47s and rocket launchers. Indeed, Afghan women's rights and equality aren't America's responsibility. But it certainly is Uncle Sam's responsibility not to barge into sovereign states to safeguard 'American interests', leaving behind undermined local governments, and have empty thrones of power occupied by brigands frustrated and disillusioned by American occupation.

Dr George Jacob, Kochi

A welcome 'green' initiative by India

India has adopted the amendment to the Montreal Protocol in 2016 that called for gradual elimination of the harmful chemicals used as cooling agents. They belong to the category of HFCs that cause depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful UV radiation from the sun. HFCs emit greenhouse gases that cause damage to the ozone layer. All these chemicals need to be replaced with safer substances.

India has adopted a national strategy of a four-phased cutback schedule. Accordingly, 10 per cent , 20 per cent, 30 per cent and 85 per cent of HFCs will be reduced by 2032, 2037, 2042 and 2047 respectively to achieve the target of eliminating them by the late 2040s. In fact, manufacture of new substances would generate additional employment and income. It is expected that the next generation of refrigeration technology would involve the use of safer chemicals like hydro-fluro-olefins(HFOs). However, the energy efficiency of the refrigerants needs to be improved to reduce operation cost and make them environment friendly.

G S Venu, Kollam

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