MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th February 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd April 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd April 2024


PM Narendra Modi made a correct prediction in the recent past stating that BJP would win 370 seats and that its allies would win 30 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections

BJP under Modi is on a roll

PM Narendra Modi made a correct prediction in the recent past stating that BJP would win 370 seats and that its allies would win 30 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections. The results of the recent assembly elections showed that there is a big BJP wave in the country. BJP won assembly elections in the big states namely Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and in one small state Chhattisgarh before the LS elections. Modi charisma will again work for the party to get excellent number of seats to form the government at the Center. It is correct on the part of Modi when he condemned the dynasty politics in the country and it is also correct in his saying that opposition parties lost their confidence to contest the elections.

V R K Valmeeky, Hyderabad

A good augury for Opposition bloc

The finalization of seat-sharing agreements between the Congress and the Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh, and between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi and a few other states has come as good news for those who bet on Opposition unity to take on the BJP and unseat it from power to protect the Constitution and the legacy of the freedom movement and prevent India’s retreat from secularism. If INDIA manages to wrest some seats from the BJP by launching a joint fight and sees to it that the secular vote does not get split in states where BJP is dominant and has reached saturation point, the saffron party, despite playing the religious card and selling the Modi guarantee, could well fall far short of the numbers needed to form the next government.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN

Do justice to people of Sandeshkali

Sandeshkali is again on the boil and fresh violence has been reported. TMC strongman Shiek Shahjahan and his two local aides are facing of sexual assault and land grabbing. He is on the run. He is a strong politician and along with his aides have unleashed a reign of terror in the area. Villagers were teased and tortured in all possible ways to part with their land. Women were raped. With power in his hands he has unleashed atrocities in the village. He took shelter under the political blanket. Now that the PM Is likely to visit the place. First the state and the Centre must arrest Shahjahan and take back the encroached lands from him. This will instill confidence on the people of the area and bring faith in the law and order.

N. R. Ramachandran, Chennai.

Farmers, govt must engage in talks

Farmers and the government are locked in a crucial dialogue over the Minimum Support Price (MSP) formula and procurement. While the government offers flexibility with new crops and family labor inclusion, farmers demand broader coverage and the Swaminathan Commission’s C2+50% formula. At the heart lies the issue of ensuring remunerative prices, as market fluctuations threaten farmers’ livelihoods. Both sides must remain engaged, for solutions lie in dialogue, not confrontation. Let’s bridge the divide and build a sustainable future for our farmers.

Tauqueer Rahmani, Mumbai

Telangana govt stares at fiscal crisis

The Congress government of Telangana introduced free bus travel for women. The public is now experiencing crowded bus travel and the long wait for buses has made travel unreliable. Likewise, the state is now facing power outages. It is anybody’s guess as to what will be the situation once the free power scheme is implemented. The government of Telangana had better maintain stability of resources, before turning populist.

P R Ravinder, Hyderabad

Putin will wage war till he meets ends

Apropos editorial “Russia-Ukraine war: Two years on, peace not in sight,” (THI, Feb 24). It is two years to the day since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine. The historical reason Putin drummed up hardly seems relevant now though Nato nations are more skittish than before and wondering how they would defend themselves without massive support from the US were they to suffer a similar fate. Putin cannot accept that there is no victory to show in two years against his bete noir — the combined West, including Nato — and he will carry on with the war irrespective of the damage it may wreak on his people and the economy, not to forget military losses. The world will continue to suffer as it counts the cost of two seemingly endless wars ratcheting up the tensions and bears the agony of counting and burying the war dead.

N Sadhasiva Reddy, Bengaluru

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