MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2021


It is shocking that at a time when people in Delhi are scrambling for bed and many are dying for want of bed/oxygen, the news that Delhi SDM has ordered that PSU Ashoka Hotel be converted as a Covid facility for HC Judges and judicial officers and their family attached to Primus Hospital in posh Chanakyapuri

Are judges more equal than others?

It is shocking that at a time when people in Delhi are scrambling for bed and many are dying for want of bed/oxygen, the news that Delhi SDM has ordered that PSU Ashoka Hotel be converted as a Covid facility for HC Judges and judicial officers and their family attached to Primus Hospital in posh Chanakyapuri. If loss-making PSU hotel is converted into a Covid facility for Judges/judicial officers and their families, why not the government take over all private sector five/four-star hotels and convert them as a Covid facility for ordinary people scrambling for bed and are dying. So why berate at loss-making PSU and then hand over them to a private entity. Of course, a state HC judge living in a residential area has barricaded a link road near his own house and using the space for keeping plants, parking vehicles, etc. No wonder people have stopped respecting and believing the judiciary in India.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

ECI, now a favourite whipping boy

The Madras High Court has rightly identified ECI's laxity in not exercising proper vigil over political parties abusing poll protocol, as responsible for Covid-19 second wave. Ironically, none of the political parties always making brouhaha and hue and cry over nothing, have surprisingly remained calm and united over polls-conduct with the sole selfish target of grabbing power to rule. No concern about our safety and lives. These people, as people's representatives, are supposed to stand for us and safeguard our interests enshrined in our Consitution. Conduct of polls, opening of cinemas, malls, schools, colleges, etc., are leading to Covid deaths in thousands. What punishment do the EC authorities and others await for the crime perpetrated?

E Sethuramalingam, Kollam

Nation gasps for oxygen

Apropos 'Maximum governance that fails to give oxygen' (April 27). The writer came up with impressive data and statistics that were required at the present time in tackling Covid-19 – the pathetic situation of shortage of oxygen in hospitals in the country. Today, as we see Health care situation in all Indian cities has become deplorably suffocating due to covid-19 implications, the situation is compounded by lack of oxygen supply to people in severe stages of complications to get a whiff of oxygen for survival. The blame before being placed on the Centre, there is a need for rethinking the role played by states in coping with the situation that many states could have efficiently managed with existing supply of oxygen at their disposal.

Key strategists, think-tanks forewarned the government on conducting elections/social gatherings/festivals were not to be a priority during this pandemic. The Election Commission is taken to task in this regard, while the crowd control and restrictions in the gathering is purely a state subject and priority, in which the EC has no role to play. The Centre took their views of the experts seriously, but so much was amiss, in terms of production, supply and distribution of oxygen. Authorities lost no time in procuring oxygen generators from abroad and cryogenic tankers imported to supplement the available ones for the transport of oxygen; and the IAF planes were employed to transport them in ensuring minimal time lapse for the needy patients. Such proactive moves by the Centre often go unreported by the vested media and the Opposition.

The oxygen, by whatever name we may call it is a commodity that is not always in demand except for patients requiring oxygen masks and in the ICUs. In any case, a vital lesson in oxygen has been learnt by the administration to meaningfully stockpile and distribute it at times of emergency in future, losing no time in providing life support for patients gasping for breath.

Venkata Narasimhan K R, Madurai

Modi govt found wanting

The writer Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu's redoubtable statement blaming the government for shoddy governance is the reason that led to the precarious and dangerous situation across the country is indisputable. In fact, even after alarm bell ringing aloud in April 2020 cautioning the Centre that life-saving oxygen generated is well short to meet the future demand as it more likely to shoot up, sadly there were no efforts made on a war-footing to establish oxygen plants. Also lack of foresight on the part of the centre in utilising huge funds lying in PM cares fund meant to alleviate the sufferings of people by establishing oxygen plants is a sad reminder that any amount of excuse to cover up its serious lapses is unpardonable.

In this context, The Delhi High Court's stern warning to all those who obstruct or stand as an impediment to oxygen supplies by far sends a clear and loud message that it will not tolerate anyone playing with the lives of people. Thus, after coronavirus outbreak changed lives of people instantaneously and unpredictably, the Centre still failing to come up with a blueprint and strategy to bring relief to people knowing well that life is a precious gift that cannot be frittered away at the drop of a hat only exposes its hollow appeal to help people. It is thus clear that Centre was more inclined towards polls, rallies and outcome than fulfilling the minimum promise of grounding of establishing more oxygen plants paramount to save lives.

As opposition also failed to realise the seriousness of the situation indulged in blame-game than acting aggressively and forcing upon the Centre to act. As the abject failure of government has forced the citizens to live under a bleak shadow of the impending doom with many having losing hope of survival, it clearly reveals that the oft-repeated narrative 'maximum governance' by prime minister is a fallacy that badly let down the nation in this hour of crisis where uncertainty stares at people.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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