DSRC offers holistic ayurvedic treatment for cancer

DSRC promises breast cancer cure through ayurveda

DSRC promises breast cancer cure through ayurveda


October is observed as breast cancer awareness month to create an understanding of this disease, its risks and prevention

Bengaluru: October is observed as breast cancer awareness month to create an understanding of this disease, its risks and prevention. However, D. S. Research Centre, Bengaluru that aims to innovate the cancer treatment with ayurveda believes that there is hope and life after this deadly cancer.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, Geetha V E, a breast cancer survivor who has undergone treatment at DSRC Bengaluru is a story of hope for millions.

Geetha, in her late forties was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a surgery in December 2013. She registered herself at DSRC on January 6, 2014 for further treatment. With the help of holistic ayurvedic treatment Geetha is leading a healthy life without any symptoms and side effects for the last six years. She has not undergone any chemotherapy or any other treatment elsewhere.

Sharing her experience, Geetha said, "Post my diagnosis and surgery, I was scared to undergo chemotherapy due to its side-effects and opted for ayurvedic treatment at DSRC, Bengaluru. I have been taking treatment for six years and I am happy to say that I have never had any side effects and living better life."

At D.S. Research Centre, a team of scientists, ayurveda acharya, dietitians, medical oncologists, and pharmacology work together to transform scientific breakthroughs into innovative cancer treatments that will benefit cancer patients throughout the world.

Dr Geethanjali Mada, Senior Ayurvedacharya, D. S. Research Centre, Bengaluru said, "The incidence of breast cancer is rising in every country. Cases are surging especially in developing countries such as India due to change in lifestyle, dietary patterns and lack of awareness. We have been giving quality treatment to cancer patients for more than five decades and Geetha is one of the breast cancer survivors at our institute."

Dr Mada further said, "Geetha initially had symptoms of pain and swelling in the right hand which eventually came down. With the help of ayurvedic treatment, she was asymptomatic and was active all through. She did not opt for any other treatment elsewhere for cancer. Follow up scans and reports of Geetha revealed normal, even her last Mammography /USG done reveals she is normal. She has been an active participant of all patient-related programmes of our centre."

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