Bengaluru University to donate its lung space for educational projects

Bengaluru University to donate its lung space for educational projects

Bengaluru University to donate its lung space for educational projects


Projects include aerospace, Yoga univ centre, Science Park

Bengaluru: Bangalore University's Jnana Bharathi campus spread across 1,100 plus acres, is one of the few surviving lung spaces in Bengaluru. Bengaluru University is now planning to donate its space in the Jnana Bharathi premises for various educational projects. The University is in the process of creating a Master Plan for the Jnana Bharathi campus.

According to the reports, Bengaluru University (BU) will be home for various projects including Aerospace and Space Technology, Research and Studies Centre of Kalaburgi Central University, Yoga Inter University Centre, Knowledge & Meditation Centre, Science Park, Earth Park, Botanical Garden, UVCE 2nd Campus, Amphitheatre, Indoor Stadium, Helipad, many have been objected the varsity's decision.

A total of 272.54 acres have already been conditionally donated to various educational and research institutions in the Jnana Bharathi premises. Now BU has come forward to identify the space with the guidance, direction and some targeted plans from the government regarding the various educational institutions.

In addition, the university has initiated the task of creating a Master Plan for the Jnana Bharathi campus with the help of Rotary International. The university has decided to take up the digital survey of its land at a cost of Rs 28 lakh. However, some of the officials and senior professors have called this a wasteful expenditure.

According to the digital survey, the total area of Jnana Bharathi campus is 1,162 acres which the university has already leased out 400 acres of land to various government institutions and agencies. The University claims that the master plan will be conducted accordingly. "Over the last decade we have been proposing to the government that this century-old institution has the potential to become an institute like IIT and internationally.

So now giving space to other institutions will be helpful for the local student to get every educational cours at the same place. We want this to be an education hub, and we are sure that we will continue to maintain the greenery of university. Also the main aim of the survey is to keep a track on encroachers. The exercise will also involve tagging a geographical location or identification details to different media" said official from Bengaluru University.

Parks at BU

The report claims, approximately 230 acres BU land will be dedicated to various theme parks. This includes 50.37 acres for Botanical Garden, 30 acres for Fruit Garden, 24 acres for Science Park, 25.9 acres for the Medicinal Plant, 50 acres for Garden, 18.28 acres for Earth Park, 29 acres for the bird and animal park.

Central University for Research Centre and Aerospace Division

BU has planned to allocate 10 acres of land to the Central University of Kalaburgi in collaboration with the Study and Research Center for Antenna, Microwave and Optical Electronics. It has said that the research Center will be conducting sophisticated research, including 5G and 6G and likely to receive Rs. 100 crore grants from the Central Government.

To complement this, the university is also planning to launch an aerospace and space technology division in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). This will be used for conducting research activities in partnership with Israel and 43 acres of land has been reserved by BU.

Also, 42.9 acres for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology research activity, 22 acres for Chemical Technology study, 22 acres for Molecular Biology study.

Yoga, Meditation and Knowledge Centres

As it was reported earlier, the university has already sanctioned 15 acres for the Yoga Inter University Center. In addition, 5 acres will be earmarked for the Meditation and Knowledge Center. This meditation center also has plans to build a meditation pyramid with around 2,000 people sitting capacity.

Provide 2 acres of land for the Council of Architects, which is headquartered in New Delhi. 1 acre each to be identified in the Masterplan for National Digital Library and Guesthouse, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) South India Center, Scouts and Guides, NCC.

5 acres again for NAAC

The headquarters of the National Valuation and Accreditation Council (NAC) is already in Jnana Bharathi premises. In addition, BU has again decided to provide 5 acres of land to NAAC to build a sophisticated hall and guest house at an estimated cost of Rs. 40 crore. It will be controlled by both NAAC and Bengaluru University. In addition, 5 acres for Kempegowda Study Center and 16.27 acres of land to Island Open Gallery.

45 acres for sport

The Jnana Bharathi campus also has advanced indoor and outdoor stadiums for various sports like tennis, basketball, football and skating. The reports claim that 45 acres will be reserved for the sports.

New campus for UVCE

Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College (UVCE), which was Established in 1917 at KR Circle is now planning to open another campus in Jnanabharathi premises. BU aims to develop UVCE in the IIT model and specific space will be reserved.

2 acres for Helipad

As many seminars, workshops and events from national and international level will be organised at University campus, the authority feels that a helipad is much needed for their smooth travel in the future. So 2 acres will be allotted to the helipad.

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