Political Furor Erupts Over Tragic Campus Murder In Karnataka

Political Furor Erupts Over Tragic Campus Murder In Karnataka

  • The killing of a Karnataka Congress corporator's daughter sparks a political debate, with the BJP and Congress government clashing over 'love jihad' allegations.
  • Get insights into the incident, reactions from political leaders, and protests demanding justic

The tragic killing of a Karnataka Congress corporator's daughter within a college campus in Hubballi has ignited a political controversy in the state, with the opposition BJP and the ruling Congress government clashing over allegations of 'love jihad.'

Neha, a 23-year-old student pursuing a Masters of Computer Applications (MCA), was assaulted by Fayaz on the premises of BVB College in Hubballi. CCTV footage captured Fayaz repeatedly stabbing Neha before fleeing the scene. Police reported that Neha succumbed to multiple stab wounds inflicted by Fayaz, who was subsequently apprehended.

Niranjan Hiremath, the victim's father, revealed that the accused, Fayaz, was familiar to the family, and they had attempted to dissuade him from pursuing Neha. "He was a former student who had proposed to my daughter, but she rejected him," Hiremath explained. "She declined his proposal due to differences in caste and expressed no interest in a relationship with him. In a fit of rage, he attacked my daughter."

Regarding the contentious term 'love jihad,' the BJP accused the Congress government, led by Siddaramaiah, of prioritizing appeasement politics over law enforcement. Union Minister Pralhad Joshi insinuated a link to 'love jihad,' suggesting that Neha's refusal of the assailant's advances led to her murder, criticizing the perceived lack of law and order under the Congress administration.

In response, the Karnataka government refuted the 'love jihad' allegations, with State Home Minister G Parameshwara suggesting that Neha and Fayaz had been in a prior relationship that had soured. Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar condemned the BJP's attempts to instigate fear, asserting that Karnataka maintains strong law and order and dismissing the notion of imposing Governor's Rule.

The term 'love jihad' originates from Hindutva groups and refers to the perceived conversion of non-Muslim women by Muslim men in relationships. The incident prompted protests from the BJP's student wing, ABVP, with thousands of students rallying for justice for Neha and demanding action. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured a thorough investigation and urged calm among the public, emphasizing the arrest of the accused and a commitment to delivering justice.

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