A celebration called love

A celebration called love
A celebration called love

Hyderabad-based Jyoti Patel is on a mission to inspire and touch zillions of lives. Her debut book, ‘Sensation of a Soul’, is an inspirational book went on to sell tons of copies.

Hyderabad-based Jyoti Patel is on a mission to inspire and touch zillions of lives. Her debut book, 'Sensation of a Soul', is an inspirational book went on to sell tons of copies.

Apart from being an author of five books, this 20-year-old is also a world record holder and a global goodwill ambassador. There is more, she is a blogger and has been a contributing poet to many anthologies.

About her hobbies she says, "I am an ardent lover of western and classical music. I enjoy reading, cooking, painting and writing. I like music, photography and you can say I am a travel enthusiast."

She started writing at the age of fourteen. Jyoti Patel is a recipient of various awards, such as, 'Top Influential Author 2018', 'Author of the Year 2019' and 'Genius Indian Achiever Award 2019'

Jyoti Patel is the core team member of 'Yes! I Am Happy' organisation. "We are working towards the welfare of children, an initiative wherein the team works towards spreading joy and happiness in the lives of children from humble background in the urban poverty."

Through her books she explains a great deal about what life and relationships are all about. "I feel that my narration and imagination can be felt throughout, and the reader is bound to feel connected."

Her second book, 'The Mystic Soul' that released in October 2017 has regularly topped the Amazon Bestseller List. Brimming with mystery, passion, love, dreams, thrill and excitement, the book ends leaving the readers craving for more!

Her words revolve around the themes like dreams, love, courage, self-discovery and hope. Her poetry and stories are the amalgamation of romance, sweetness, grief of separation, suspense and human emotions having the deep hidden messages within them and they surely captivate one to fall in love with the book. Her words will make the reader a prisoner of poetry.

Jyoti Patel has released her third book 'Whispers of the Soul' in 2018. "This book takes the readers through a journey of falling, rising and blooming. This splendid book is a celebration of joy, love, hate and everything in-between. Most of my poems could be related to everyone's life. I explore every bit of love with my words."

The fourth book 'The Curved Rainbow' a book of heart-warming yet tragic collection of poems was released on March 2019 along with the fifth book, 'The Forest of Feelings'.

About 'The Curved Rainbow' she says, "It is a poetry book that encompasses growth, heartbreak, hate and finding love. One can easily feel the wild and tender voice from beginning to end. My poetry celebrates human feelings in their unrefined form."

The other book 'The Forest of Feelings' is a also collection of poems that gives attention to the boundless topics; this book has the poetry about love, women, strength and beauty. "Some of my poems are for those who love too deeply, some of them are for those who break too quickly and easily. Through this book, I confront the role of women in relation to subjects including feminism, marriage, violence, sexuality and healing."

Jyoti loves observing people; she often searches her stories in every little thing around her. She has a list of wishes , which she wants to fulfill in this one life time. She is currently working on her sixth book, which is expected to release in 2020.

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