Civilians’ woes worsen as nighttime curbs are back at Eagle Chowk area

Civilians’ woes worsen as nighttime curbs are back at Eagle Chowk area

  • 1. Local residents express anger and urge officials to lift restrictions
  • 2. LMA consistently restricts civilians without intermittent access, causing frustration
  • 3. Numerous roads within SCB limits remain closed, inconveniencing the community
  • 4. Unrepaired roads lack lighting, posing significant challenges for commuters
  • 5. Night curbs from 10 pm to 6 am add to the ongoing issues

Hyderabad : Secunderabad Cantonment road restrictions seem to be a never-ending problem. Once again, the Local Military Authority (LMA) has re-imposed restrictions during the night at Eagle Chowk for civilians. Commuters expressed anger for not allowing civilians to ply freely and urged the concerned officials to take back the restrictions.

Local residents have highlighted that the Local Military Authority (LMA) consistently imposes restrictions on civilians without intermittent access. Moreover, within the SCB limits, numerous roads remain closed. Last year, only six out of 25 roads were reopened, adding to the inconvenience faced by the community. The remaining roads accessible to the public have not undergone re-carpeting for an extended period. Additionally, these roads lack adequate lighting, leading to significant challenges for many commuters who experience difficulties due to these conditions. Fuel to fire in the situation is the restriction from 10 pm to 6 am.

“For the past one week, LMA has imposed night restrictions at gate no 7 at Eagle Chowk. When I inquired with the jawan on duty at the gate, he conveyed that they received instructions from their superiors stating that civilians are not permitted after 10 pm at night. We find these restrictions frustrating, and it would be more convenient if the relevant authorities could grant clearance during emergencies,” said Manoj Kumar Surana, a local.

“Without issuing any advisory on road curbs, they imposed night restrictions from 10 pm to 6 am and last year they imposed curbs on morning walkers and pedestrians to walk freely in the streets. However, a notice has been erected near Bolarum indicating a prohibition of trespassing, with a restriction on walkers beyond that point. Additionally, nighttime curbs have been enforced. This situation compels us to take longer routes, causing inconvenience, especially during my nightly commute after 10:30 pm,” said Nikhil Sriram, a resident of Yapral.

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