Hyderabad: Survivor Rohan Reddy chants vaccine mantra to ward off Covid

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure


  • It's not just the virus that is killing people, but it is also the fear and panic
  • Believe and stay calm. Even if you are infected, you can fight the virus. Stay positive, feel loved and eat healthy

Hyderabad: "It takes courage to fight Covid-19. It surely makes a difference after winning the battle," said Covid-19 survivor Rohan Reddy (32) of West Marredpally, a government employee. Rohan believes that vaccine is a must.

Reddy got his jab and wants others to get one, too. After recovering in the first week of April this is his message to the world. He had received the second dose and is happy to share he has had no side effects.

Speaking to The Hans India he said, "If a man like me, who already had health issues, can fight Covid for months, everyone can. Now I feel perfectly fine. Everyone should have the courage to fight the virus. After recovery they must take vaccine, as there is no reason why one should not take the shot."

When sick he was in home isolation for three months. After receiving good treatment he tested negative. "As my doctors told me, I was a paragon of strength. During home isolation recovery became an example for many of anxious patients".

He added that he was tired of living in isolation and wanted to meet people and share his recovery journey. But, like thousands in the State, Reddy limited interactions with others to curb the spread of virus. However, when Reddy heard about the vaccine, he felt relieved. "I wanted to benefit from it as soon as possible," he said.

Moreover, while he was in isolation he was stressed about health. "I kept getting negative thoughts. But I fought them bravely and am now sharing awareness, resources and tips with family and friends," he says.

Now that Reddy has been vaccinated, he hopes to fill his social calendar. "I feel alive again. My family is vaccinated. I encourage everyone to take vaccine," he added.

As a Corona survivor and a proud supporter of the vaccine, he suggests formation of a survivors' club is a good medium to spread testimonies and experiences to people as a way to fight the issue of miscommunication during the pandemic.

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