Hyderabad: Yoga helped me to beat the Covid blues says Covid Survivor Neelam Sinha

Yoga helped me to beat the Covid blues says Covid Survivor Neelam Sinha

Yoga helped me to beat the Covid blues says Covid Survivor Neelam Sinha


If the oximeter reading shows SpO2 levels below 94 percent one should perform at least six prone positions

Hyderabad: "Yoga is the best remedy when your oxygen level fluctuates during your isolation days" said Neelam Sinha, who recovered from Covid-19 almost after 20 days of struggle.

Neelam along with her daughter got isolated. "I don't know how I contracted the virus but I had serious symptoms which included cold, cough, high temperature, body pains, dizziness and weakness," she recalls.

Since her 21-year-old daughter had mild symptoms, she took the charge of the situation by performing the household chores with necessary precautions. "I was worried how things would happen at home without my involvement, however, along with my daughter, my husband and son would do the rest of the work. It was their fighting spirit that kept me motivated and helped me to recover from the illness soon."

The 47-year-old said that Covid reconnected her with yoga again as she stopped practising yoga for almost a month. "My oxygen level fluctuated now and then, so to maintain the balance and proper blood flow I did three forms of yoga every day such as Anulom-vilom, Bhramari, Matsyasana or Fish Pose. Yoga is very effective especially during these tough days."

Besides, she shares that to improve her lung oxygenation; she would lie in a prone position on her stomach. It helped her improve breathing and increased oxygen saturation. "If the oximeter reading shows SpO2 levels below 94 percent, we can perform six way of prone positions to control."

She urged people who are Covid positive to keep checking their temperature and oxygen levels every two hours if possible. Whenever you feel your oxygen level are decreasing you should definitely do yoga.

Sharing her experience, she said that yoga helped her stay sane and not get hassled with the unwarranted information that landed on her WhatsApp every day claiming to be a cure, but she steered clear of these apps and news.

"It would only spoil my health and make it difficult for me in the recovery process," she added. She believes that these apps can create panic and said that people should keep away from mobile phones while recovering.

"At present, I do not have any symptoms but my doctor has prescribed me to take complete rest as there are days when I feel weak. It is very important that you consult a doctor even if there is even one symptom." She spoke, adding she shares her experience among her friends who got tested positive after her, guiding them kept her busy and joyful.

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