Interior designer cooks up new business

Interior designer cooks up new business

Interior designer cooks up new business


Hardpressed by pandemic, he turns to his hobby of making kebabs to stay afloat

Hyderabad: As the pandemic cast its shadow on every section of the society and millions lost their livelihood bringing them to the brink of survival, many changed their professions and a few converted their hobbies into a means of earning to keep going in the times of adversities.

Take the case of Arvind Kumar Kashyup who was leading a settled life as an interior designer in a company named LIV Space. But the Chintal resident's life turned upside down after a countrywide lockdown was imposed following coronavirus outbreak in March. The designer's life turned miserable as he was forced to resign and had to lose the steady monthly salary.

Then to survive the pandemic and make some money for food and shelter, he started making kebabs at his place and started selling them in his friend circles. With the kebabs proving to be a delicacy and as its popularity grew with recurring and new orders, he passionately continued with kebabs and finally turned into a professional chef. Soon he was earning more than what he used to get while working as interior designer.

Sharing about his inspiring story, Arvind Kumar says, "My parents stay in Uttar Pradesh and because of lockdown I could go to my native place. After I lost my job as an interior designer, I tried getting some interior contracts but due to pandemic situation I failed to get orders.Then I decided to install a chinese food court but it needed some investments, so I tried kebabs and the business is still running well and giving good profits."

"A few of my colleagues were surprised by my move and I tell them there is nothing wrong in doing any business until it is legal and gives you good profits. I realized that food is an essential and so, it is evergreen business," added the designer-turned-chef.

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