No need to press panic button: Doctors

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Cold, cough, fever and flu in running monsoon season are worrying people of third wave of Covid-19.

Hyderabad: Cold, cough, fever and flu in running monsoon season are worrying people of third wave of Covid-19. Citizens across the State are suffering from seasonal diseases since it's raining continuously for the last couple of days and consequently, coronavirus tests have increased in government and private labs. The clinics are full with the patients and people also rushing to labs for Covid tests without any consultation.

Repeated warnings about the third wave of coronavirus are spreading faster than the virus on social and mainstream media for a couple of weeks that left people worried. Most of the sick are vaccinated and around 80 per cent of the Covid reports are showing negative. Even after vaccination, people are suffering from cold, cough, and fever and are afraid of the third wave.

According to doctors, cough, cold, fever and vomittings are very common in the rainy season and just need regular treatment. Doctors advised people not to link everything with Covid, as the symptoms of Covid-19 are very common in the rainy season. People are requested to consult doctors if suffering from any of the symptoms related to seasonal diseases. "Anyone can fall sick in monsoon as the weather will change completely, the winds turn cold and moisture and people of all ages with weak immunity may get affected to it. Cold, cough and fever doesn't mean Covid. There are various reasons for seasonal diseases in monsoon and contaminated water is a major cause for it especially in densely populated localities," said Dr Mujeeb Shahid, a general physician.

Denying the third wave he stated that, most of the population in the State is vaccinated now and there will be no severity of next wave as all vaccinated people have developed antibodies and that will fight with the infection. He also urged people not to go for the Covid test without consulting a doctor.

Also, Unani doctors are suggesting the same. Dr M A Aleem, BUMS said that "instead of fearing people should follow precautionary measures to stay safe from seasonal diseases and third wave. He said only fearing is not a solution. They should avoid public places, maintain social distancing and wear a mask to avoid the third wave''. Apart from that, Dr Aleem suggested people drink boiled water during this season.He also recommended avoiding junk food which may cause food infection and lead to diarrhoea, vomittings and other stomach-related diseases. In the wake of monsoon season, the Chief Minister recently directed Health department to conduct a fever survey across the State. Also, officials from the State Health department said there is no need to worry about common seasonal diseases.

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