Promoted municipal officers await appointment letters at Adarsh Nagar

GHMC ( File Photo)

GHMC ( File Photo)


Promoted officers received promotion almost after two years

Adarsh Nagar: Despite receiving promotions 15 key municipal officers are still working in their previous duties as they have not received appointment letters or any orders for joining the new positions.

These frontline workers were waiting for their promotion orders for the past two years. And now even after receiving orders they have not been posted to their newly promoted designations.

Sources said that there has been a delay in getting orders from their superiors; this is the reason why the officers are still in their old chairs. "Officers who have been waiting for promotion for a long time are not able to leave their old positions even after getting promoted," Sources said.

The two civic body officers who provided key services in Amberpet constituency were promoted four months ago. They said that they have not yet received their appointment letters. This has also caused a delay in many development works in the constituency, earlier several projects were planned and even foundation stones were also laid for the new roads but all these works have now been stopped as the officials are not ready to take on more workload as they have been promoted.

Promoted officers are unable to resist activities that can impact their services. "Superiors are making delays in issuing appointment letters to the promoted officers. With several development works being stopped is creating a bad remark on officers as they are being held accountable for complaints," Sources added.

The promoted officers have demanded the authorities to release their appointment letter so that they can start working in their new positions with new works.

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