Khammam: Farmers worried as reservoir dries up

The dwindling water level of Palair Reservoir

The dwindling water level of Palair Reservoir


  • Water lever drops to 18.5ft in the reservoir
  • Water reserves likely to sustain for only 10 more days
  • People demand alternative arrangements as crops dry up

Khammam: Agricultural distress looms large over the Ayakattu area as the Palair Reservoir grapples with a severe water shortage, leaving crops drying up and farmers in distress. The situation, exacerbated by the absence of inflow and waterlogging in the Nagarjuna Sagar project area, has triggered irrigation problems not witnessed in a decade.

As of Saturday, the water level in the Palair Reservoir stands at 18.5 feet, significantly below its full capacity of 28 feet. The existing water reserves are anticipated to last a mere 10 days, intensifying concerns about the ability to supply water to the Mission Bhagiratha scheme.

The impending summer season adds urgency to the matter, with water needs expected to surge.

Meanwhile, residents of Khammam, Suryapet, Mahabubabad, Mulugu, and Warangal districts are grappling with a shortage of drinking water as the projects designed to provide clean water to these areas face a scarcity of the essential resource. A total of 126.5 cusecs of water is required for daily supply, yet the available water falls short.

The cultivated lands in Sagar Ayakattu are already bearing the brunt of this water crisis, leading to damaged crops. Farmers emphasise that releasing water, even just a foot or two from the reservoir’s top, is imperative for hand-harvesting and preventing further losses. Additionally, there is a looming threat of water evaporation from the reservoir.

It may be mentioned here that the government has initiated a review and sought clarification from officials. However, a pressing demand is made for the state government to explore alternative arrangements, including diverting water from Sri Ramsagar or obtaining permission from KRMB to draw water from Sagar to replenish the Palair Reservoir.

A farmer, Srinivas Reddy said, “If water is not released from the Palair reservoir around 7,500 acres will be damaged. Out of the total 20,000 acres in Ayakattu, farmers are actively cultivating 7,500 acres this season.”

Meanwhile, farmers staged a protest on Tuesday demanding the immediate release of water for cultivation.

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