Tirupati: ZP High School HM mobilises donations to provide amenities

Headmaster T Anand and the other staff celebrating the Teachers Day at Karakambadi ZP High School on Friday

Headmaster T Anand and the other staff celebrating the Teachers Day at Karakambadi ZP High School on Friday


  • So far, the headmaster of c T Anand has mobilised Rs 77.5 lakh donations to provide amenities at the school
  • The school is having a dining hall for mid-day meal besides getting additional classrooms and toilets only through donations
  • Rs 36 lakh worth computer lab and conference hall are also in the offing

Tirupati: As the head of a ZP High School, T Anand stood by example by developing the school on various fronts by mobilising donations. Anand's flair for service-oriented activities which he inculcated from his residential school days has led him to develop a strong determination to see that no student should stop education for any reason.

By working in rural and semi-urban areas during his entire service so far, he closely observed the plight of several students because of their family backgrounds. He decided to provide various amenities at schools besides lending a helping hand to the students to make them continue their schooling.

He has been working as headmaster of ZP High School, c since 2015 where so far heTirupati, Tirupati News, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh News to the tune of a whooping Rs 77.5 lakh while another Rs 30 lakh worth of help was proposed by the donors. "I didn't collect a single rupee till now but accepted donations only in the form of material to meet various requirements. I only ask the donors to educate the students who are in desperate need of something or the other for which they agree happily," said Anand.

By providing the required amenities in the school premises the students can be motivated to continue the education. With this motive he worked hard in providing many facilities at the school. Accordingly, OSAAT organisation, Bengaluru has sanctioned to construct three classrooms and four toilets at a cost of Rs 46 lakh. ESVEEAAR distilleries, Renigunta constructed a dining hall for students' mid-day meal programme by spending Rs 12 lakh.

The donations list is too long which include Saraswathi temple construction, wall paintings, Abdul Kalam statue, chairs, sports material, steel plates, civil works in class rooms, fans, mike set and many other things. Tirupati Airport authorities have proposed to establish 30 computers and lab with an estimated cost of Rs 16 lakh while ECIL proposed to construct one conference hall worth Rs 20 lakh with which the total donations will cross the Rs 1 crore mark.

"For four successive years during the previous government's regime we have provided a complete set of notebooks to our students whereas now the government has been supplying them. Seeing the hardship of poor students to walk barefoot, we have arranged footwear for about 300 students. Our students can happily dine their mid-day meal at the dining hall,' Anand maintained.

The enrolment of students has been increasing every year and the school achieves around 80-90 per cent results in SSC examinations. All this was possible with the team work and the cooperation of all our teachers and the donors, he said. Deputy Education Officer C Vijayendra Rao said that DEO and RJD have also visited the school and appreciated the good initiatives of Anand.

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