TDP-JSP cadre upbeat after ‘Jenda’ meet success

TDP and Jana Sena supporters wave flags during the joint mega meeting at Tadepalligudem on Wednesday night

TDP and Jana Sena supporters wave flags during the joint mega meeting at Tadepalligudem on Wednesday night


This is the first joint meeting by the alliance partiers after release of maiden list of candidates on Febr 24

Vijayawada: The formidable TDP and Jana Sena Party alliance sent a strong message from Tadepalligudem to Tadepalli palace giving a signal that only a few days are left for the TDP-JSP combine to come to power defeating the YSRCP in the ensuing Assembly elections. The two parties successfully organised a joint public meeting named ‘Telugu Jana Vijayaketanam Jenda’ at Prattipadu near Tadepalligudem of West Godavari on Wednesday evening.

With the success of mega public meeting, the rank file of both parties are in upbeat mood and getting ready to defeat the YSRCP and come power in two months.

Holding TDP and Jana Sena flags, the massive crowd erupted in cheers when the leaders of TDP and Jana Sena spoke and giving clear signal that they would defeat the YSRCP in the polls at any cost and resume the development of Andhra Pradesh with good governance and administration.

TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan promised to come back to power and defeat the anarchic rule of Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

This is the first joint public meeting by the alliance after release of candidates’ list on February 24. The Godavari Delta region is the stronghold for both TDP and JSP. The two leaders Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan have displayed their harmony and strong bond by waving the party flags to the cheering supporters and fans of the two parties.

As the election notification is expected at any time, the two parties firmly stated that they would work together and would form the next government in Andhra Pradesh. The two leaders assured the people of good governance and development.

Interestingly, a large number of youth turned up for the mega joint meeting. The youth are the worst affected in the state due to increasing unemployment which forced many of them to migrate to other states and even abroad. The YSRCP government failed to release the job calendar as assured before the polls and fill the 2.30 lakh jobs lying vacant in various government departments. Women are completely unhappy in the state with price rise. The prices of essential commodities are on the rice and there is no mechanism to regulate the prices. Sadly, the good quality rice price reached to Rs 70-75 a kg from Rs 45 to Rs 55 six months ago.

A large number of traders too participated in the public meeting. The trading community is unhappy with the slowdown business activity and reducing money rotation. The prime reason for stagnation of business activity is dullness in construction activity due to rising prices of sand and building materials. Construction activity is one of the important sources of livelihood in the state. It has totally collapsed in five years YSRCP’s rule.

All these factors led to increasing dissatisfaction among the people of Andhra Pradesh. Poor government administration, corruption, lack of jobs, rising prices, increasing power bills and cost of living made the lives of the people miserable in the state and the voters are turning towards the TDP- Jana Sena alliance to put an end to the chaotic misrule of the YSRCP.

Common people are saying that they waited patiently for five years and now got the opportunity to dislodge the YSRCP government and bring back the senior politician Chandrababu Naidu to power to put the state economy and government administration on the right track.

The TDP-Jana Sena alliance decided not wait for a long time to get the response of the BJP on joining the alliance. The two parties have firmly decided to go ahead as they knew that people would bless them and will vote for the alliance parties to take the state administration by defeating the YSRCP.

TDP cadre, supporters and fans are in jubilant mood since Wednesday’s mega joint public meeting. The two parties decided to organise some more meeting jointly across the state and to give assurance to the people of Andhra Pradesh that good days are ahead and downfall of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has already begun in the state.

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