Untimely rains hit mango crop in erstwhile Krishna

Untimely rains hit mango crop in erstwhile Krishna

A mango tree shorn of flowering Photo: Md Ameen


Horticulture dept conducts survey on loss suffered by farmers

Vijayawada: Untimely rains badly affected the mango farmers of erstwhile Krishna district. Due to sudden rain and gales, mango fruits in the size of pea and jowar size and mango flowers dropped causing loss to the farmers. Mango fruit which has grown to normal size and lemon size survived. Mango is one of the important horticulture crops in the erstwhile Krishna district. Nuzvid division, which was part of Krishna district is now in Eluru district. Over 70,000 acre mango gardens spread over Krishna, NTR and Eluru districts.

The officials began enumeration of the loss caused by the gales and unexpected rains during the past few days. Sudden rains and moisture will lead to pests in the small fruits. Fruits grown up to lemon size or bigger size survived, said J Jyothy, assistant director of horticulture, Krishna district. Farmers were already worried with late flowering of mango crop this season. Due to heavy and continuous rains from June to October 2022, the flowering was delayed. The horticulture officials and farmers predicted only 50 per cent yield this summer. Mango is grown is over 35,000 acre in Eluru district and around 35,000 acre in Krishna and NTR districts.

Banginapalli mangoes grown in Nuzvid region are famous for taste and quality. Traders from north Indian states visit the mango market at Nunna near Vijayawada and place orders in huge quantities. Besides, juicy varieties and Totapuri mangoes are grown in the erstwhile Krishna district. Recent rains and gales multiplied the problems of mango farmers. Farmers have to wait one more month to get the yield. If these three districts experience rains and gales again, the farmers will suffer a lot.

In-charge deputy director of horticulture, Eluru district, Ravi Kumar said mango crop will be prone to the pest attacks and existing crop will be damaged due to impact of untimely rains. He said the farmers were already suffering due to high moisture and chilly weather conditions in the last winter. He said prolonged rainy season last year has huge impact on the mango gardens and it delayed flowering. He said survey was being undertaken to assess the loss caused by the untimely rains and gales in Eluru district.

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